Tuesday 21 December 2010

4 Things tag

Bigg Boss
Na Aana is des Laado
Dance India Dance - waiting for next season to start
hmmm.. There's nothing else that i watch really.. These too also are watched on & off.. I wld like to watch Jhalak Dikhla Ja which recently started with its new season.

Reading books

kya hai?
tum/aap bhi na!

Sometimes you got to let go of  your ego and do things for people you love
Arguing over small things is sometimes not worth it... you don't really win anything.
Its good to pause before saying the first thing that comes to your mind.
There are no shortcuts in life.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Las Vegas

Read a novel
Did shoulder strengthening exercises
Went for book shopping
Drank a strong & hot coffee

A party on new year's eve
My brother's wedding in Feb
A possible Europe travel by mid next year
Family planning next year :D

Wednesday 10 November 2010

October Mayhem

This whole month has went away in mayhem..  If I was happily crafting every weekends in september, I couldnot get a single relaxed day to craft in october.
To summarize - 
I ran around & around the tailors.
I did too many round trips to my mum's house.
I visited a lot of shops to arrange stuff for my bro's engagement party.
I attended a lot of card parties and lost money in ALL of them, no exceptions.
I hosted a Diwali dinner party for relatives.
I ate a lot of sweets & gained a couple of pounds.
Had a gala time doing all this though i do feel real tired now. Up side to all of this, I'm going for a week long vacation to Malaysia, starting next Monday. Tuesday being my darling hubby's birthday. I hope i dont lose too much in Genting Casinos, going by my losing streak this year.
And this time, i'm glad i don't have office work to complete before i leave, so I'll be doing some pre-vacation shopping. I have decided to snip my oldie boot-cut jeans into shorts. I get a way to use those otherwise dumped jeans and i save money on new shorts :D Recycling rocks!

And though Crafty-JC challenge is not up till yet for this month, I made this card as DT for this month. I made this for "Ethnic Indian" theme and gifted it to my mum. She always loves my handmade stuff :)

This is the quickest card I've ever made, I ripped off 4 wedding invites for this one. Indian wedding invites are undoubtedly the best source for ethnic stuff!!
I hope you had a wonderful Diwali!
And, I'll be back & active after my vacation. BTW, is Malaysia a good place for buying any craft supplies? I'll be visintg Genting, KL & Langkawi..
Friday 15 October 2010

Missing in Action

I am missing in action since a week now.. I have got a lot of new goodie stuff, but just not getting time to sit down and create something or even read all your wonderful blogs. My brother just got hooked :D & his engagement is just 2 weeks away. There's soooooo much to do!! Shopping for new dresses/Sarees and jewellery for my Bhabhi (brother's wife is called Bhabhi in India). And I have to get my own blouses stitch! I dont think i can get that stitched in this festive season and that too in 15 days!!
I think  i'll only be able to make a card as DT of craftyJC challenge#4.. and maybe one or two more!!

Will be back soon!
Friday 8 October 2010

I miss you

I was going through a card book by Nanc & co. When i stumbled upon one I Love you card which immediately caught my eye. I have used a similar concept of partitioning the space into such boxes and writing my sentiment. This card is dedicated to a close friend who is settled out of city and i miss him a lot.

Cardstock & red buttons from my local stationer. Red square, bigger hearts & metal basket charms from Cheap Jack's. Small hearts from Idee. Old scrabble letters were a find from my old wardrobe!
Wednesday 6 October 2010

Best Mom

I love this card a lot. This one's exactly my style,Happy & Bright.. Dedicated to my mom :)

The blooms are handmade, layering out flower punch outs.. They are lovelier in reality, with a soft tissue paper & that pearl. I made this card for Yvonne's current challenge by Sherryann to make handmade flowers!
Paper from stash. Ribbons from Itsy Bitsy. Alphas from Hobby Ideas.
Monday 4 October 2010

On your Special day

I bought some white lace a while ago. Had really tough time taming it :D To create ruffles from lace is not easy. I used some staples for the ruffles and then hid them behind another layer..

Here's another card using similar stuff but a different lace. The guy i bought the lace from, had a very very small peice of this gorgeous broad lace. I couldn't resist buying it, even though the guy was amused at what could i possibly do.. lolz.. And i can make another card from that same piece if i use along the smaller side of the card.. :)

Stuff used -
Laces from local stationer
Butterflies, flowers, sentiment and ribbons - Itsy Bitsy
Papers & cardstock from my local Stationer
Pearls from stash
Friday 1 October 2010

I Love you

 I Had this Red Heart doily since a long long time. I think i have hoarded this for close to 3 years now :D And here's how i used it -

The blooms are handmade by layering a few flower punch cut outs. The thread is a lovely find from McLeodGanj market. The stamp is a wooden block, bought several years ago from a local shop. Red ink is from Idee and sentiment is printed.

 And another good news. I'll be on DT for CraftyJC challenge #4 as a random participant for challenge#2. :D Super excited for that!  
Thursday 30 September 2010

Series of similar Cards

I made a yellow card with Green border a few days back, here's the link. I made a few more using same basic material. I call them my YGLace series :) short for "Yellow-Green Lace series"

1. You mean a Lot to me

2. Congrats. Well Done.

3. Good Luck. Do well!

4. Missing you .. A Lot.

5. Best Friends.. Always.

Wednesday 29 September 2010


I am so happy now that rains have stopped pouring in Delhi since past few days. The roads are better now, plus courtesy CWG, there are no Commercial vehicles running for major part of the day.
Which means i'm taking fewer hours in commuting to(& from) my office. I'm getting 9 hours of sleep and I'm able to attend my aerobics class without a miss. yay!! for that! If you compare it with 6-6.5 hours of sleep, I'm in heaven.. :)

Another important thing that happened to me this week is that I did a round of back strengthening exercises with 30 kgs of weight! I was surprised at knowing my own strength, most other girls were done with 5kgs & a few went upto 15.. My instructor warned me of back ache that might occur for putting in a some pressure there. And to my surprise, I went to my class next day without even a hint of any ache.. I got to know of one good thing about myself, I have a strong spinal strength! :)
Friday 24 September 2010


I was so inspired by Marit's Challenge on yyam's blog, that even thought it has been ages since i last made a collage, i wanted to make one.. Here's the Challenge link.

I know i could have done better than this, but today is the last day of submission and i was kind of wary of re-doing everything to get it right.

Title: Looks can deceive you

 The lady picture is from some catalog for sculptures. That's why i have three perspectives of the same piece. The other tidbits of paper are from same catalog. I have done the background from Sketch pens , some crayons and a golden Artoons Pen.

 Now, That one was from the challenge. I made another one while i was at making collages :D Took a while to collect the words from magazines. The most tough was to find "HAND".. And i originally had the quote "With the Touch of her hand, This world SPRANG to life" I had one in million chance of finding that word in the magazines i read.. So, here's my another take on the collage-making -

Title: With her Touch 
Thursday 23 September 2010

A Baby Girl!

So, Completed the entry to Crafty JC's challenge #2. Just in time :)
The challenge was to make a card from 1-2-3 recipe.

1 PP  - i have used polka dot with stripes PP
2 colors - Pink n brown
3 embellishments - one thread & 2 hands

And how could i not think of a baby girl card when i'm forced to think Pink!! :D :D . So Here's my entry -

The inside of the card looks like this - 

Supplies - 
PP got from a friend who was celebrating her nephew's birthday and this paper was brought to wrap the gifts.  
Plain brown paper & card stock from local stationer.
Pink thread from Mcleodganj market
Tiny hands from itsybitsy
Sentiment & baby photograph from a sheet bought from Archies.

On Another note, made this card a long while back & has the same feel. I made this for a friend's daughter's 1st bday -
Here's some details of the card, which are not as blurry as the above pic -
Monday 20 September 2010

No card yet again!

Yeah, i know i was supposed to post the pics of all the cards i made last week but i have become such a lazy bum, i have not yet taken out my camera to click them. I have atleast 3 reasons to give as an excuse :D but i know i also had loads of time when i could have done that.

Last week went in a tizzy. Its raining like cats and dogs here in Delhi, so much so that all my parents generation have only one thing to say, " I am witnessing this much rain in Delhi for the first time in my life". :D 
Though i just LOVE rains,  I hate the chaos it causes. Most of the roads are pot-holed with a lot of water-logging everywhere. Which invariably has pushed my travelling time to about 4-5 hours daily. :(

And my parents hosted a dinner to our Great Big Indian Family. Three generations together after a long time & what a lovely chaotic evening that was! Loads of laughter and cheers! And since i was the unofficial assistant hostess to my mom, I ended up running from room to room, for various little things! I got to catch up with a cousin whom i met after 2 long years, and realised, OMG, My nieces have grown so much!! I was having so much fun that my hubby had to literally drag me out at 1 am, reminding me we have office tomorrow! I slept around 2am, woke up at 6:30 and reached office sharp at 9. And its really becoming difficult to stay awake right now :D
Monday 13 September 2010

No card, just ramblings of my happy mind!

My in-laws were out of Delhi for most part of the weekend.
So what did i do? Well, I took out all my craft supplies, put them up on our dining table and started crafting. I made a few cards on saturday.  I don't have a work-desk in my room and i usually take stuff i need from my drawer, use them & keep them back. Most of the times i get lazy and leave things in middle, thinking 'will complete it later'.
I so so so loved the whole process of arranging my stuff on the table & having everything at a hand away... My mum-in-law is a cleanliness fanatic and would have freaked out if i had put all my stuff on the dining table in her presence :D (Usually its my husband who freaks out when our bedroom is in a mess)
I found my other camera yesterday and will put up the pics soon.
And a friend of my hubby got a set of punches. One of them being simple flower one. I created some lovely blooms by stacking the punch cut-outs..
But to my disheartening, two of my punches refused to work :( They were working all right last time. I felt bad  to see my hearts punch & my new butterfly punch going worthless. 
Then, I also left two projects unfinished. One from the CraftyJC's Second challenge and another one a collage for yvonne's guest blogger. Both of them seem to be turning up well, though i left them halfway since my mind stopped working after making 4-5 cards that day :D Am going to complete them soon..
Monday 6 September 2010


I have been online after a long long time i guess.. A new project has started in office & i was pretty busy in setting things up and running. Made a quick card for Yvonne's challenge here. The grid looks fab in real, this pic is very bad quality, clicked this from my phone, hence the washed out effect.. My cam's battery is not working anymore :( I do have another camera, but need to search it out in my wardrobe.. Will do so on next weekend, cant stand the images my phone picks..

The color of the card is also, a bit darker & vibrant shade of blue. And do you see the zig-zag ruffle? I just loved it.. And a small charm near bottom  on the right side was a RAK from Shalini.
& i spell it as Thanx cos i din have letter 'K' in black!! :D :D

And yes, I'm still a little busy on office work. I do browse through all of your blogs, though not commenting on your lovely creations!
Wednesday 18 August 2010

Friends Forever

I had this green ribbon since ages! just couldn't find a way to use this.. & i loved the way it has turned out..

* Supplies *
everything here including 
ribbon, golden tape, card stock, buttons, papers & leaves
are from my local stationer.
Monday 16 August 2010

My firsts

Amy is having a  FlashBack Friday in which we have to post our first card we posted on our blogs. I started blogging about my card pretty recently, though i have been making cards since as long as i remember.
The first card i posted on my blog was this -

Just on another note, this is something i made a long long time ago - That small tile on right says princess.
  Sorry for the bad light & the top of the card is also trimmed.. clicked this when i probably din know how to click a pic properly.

And this is something I made when i started working & wanted something on my cubicle's pinboard. :D - This card is important cos this is from where my quest for newer materials & styles kicked in. I bought my first designer (curvy) scissor for this, and did some embossing using fork & kitchen roller here.  

And i realise that i used to make these human figures a lot before.. I probably have not made a single such figurine recently. Maybe i should try it once more!
Friday 6 August 2010

Another Love card.

Hey guys, I've been so so busy lately. Thankfully my grandPa's Surgery went well, we got him home yesterday. Considering he is 82, recovery is not going to be too fast i guess. The doc has suggested about 3 months.
Also, I'm not really getting time to read blogs or update them, i'll be back n active as soon as i can.

Today's card also was made before i went for my vacations, simple n cute :)

Sentiment is printed and then coloured with faber-castle colour pencils.I used a pink sticker on top of foam heart.

Supplies - 

Cardstock & heart stickers - local stationer
Ribbon - cheap Jack
Foam heart - ItsyBitsy
Patterned paper - Archies

Wednesday 4 August 2010

My longest 24 hours

 Its a very very long post. Read at your own risk. Here I am rambling about my life's longest. 24 hours.

Everyone asked me 'How was the trip?' And i always just replied it was gr8! And why it was great, well, for starters it kept on raining & raining & raining..  ALL the while...
On the day i had my early morning flight from Delhi, I woke up at 5 am, did some left-over packing and left hurriedly for the airport. On way, it drizzled with the soft plup-plop sound. Reached airport on time, and was really really surprised by the revamped look. Delhi Airport looks so much better now. :D
Reached Jammu on time too, & *smiles* it was raining.. caught a cab via puddles & some jumping over them. Our Hotel in Katra was already booked, rested for a while there, took our lunch at a famous Dhaba called Manoranjan (means  entertainment) before starting our 12 km uphill trek.
We were enjoying the rains when it dawned on one of us that we have not taken any umbrella or even a raincoat with us! Thankfully our Pithu ( A man that treks along with you and carries your stuff, massage your legs, sometimes even carry young children ) provided us with raincoats for 20 bucks each, which were of very bad quality by the way, made of plastic-carry-bag-stuff. But then we couldn't complain for what we were getting for 20 bucks.
We finally started our journey at 3:30 pm, it was like a leisurely walk for us. we kept taking a break after about every 15-20 minutes, for lemon water, for chips, for chocolate, for anything. So,we managed to cover only a km in half an hour or so, we were definitely not prepared for an uphill trek, its difficult to walk upwards on a slope. To make things worse, our shabby raincoats started to tear, mostly from arm joints. one extra pull and it would tear like paper.. Then it was easy to get drenched for water would invariable seep in through torn parts. We all bought new raincoats after 3 kms :D After 4 kms, I decided I need two raincoats one over another.. I am sure I looked damn funny but WTH! i wanted to keep myself as dry as possible. Plus another nuisance being its lightweight, it slowly became very difficult to keep its hood steady on your head, slightest of the breeze would take it off. I tried to keep it place by holding the corners, somehow it always managed to get torn from the neck.. :(
By 7 pm we had covered only 6 kms, as the cold set in, we started having hot-chocolate breaks instead of lemon water ones ( coffee breaks for others :D). After 6 kms there are two ways to reach Vaishno Devi, one of them 1 km shorter, we obviously took that one. After walking for 6 kms, its easy to decide we dont want 7 more kms :D
But unfortunately our chosen path had a lot of small-small landslides in past week and our Pithu would always push us to travel risky areas quickly. I remember we were passing under a tin-shed  & its roof was broken from middle and we saw a big stone beneath. Pithu urged us to walk faster in that srea, we were all tired by then, so ignored his advice & kept strolling. Suddenly there was a noise of small pebbles on the tin shed, which btw feels louder for ppl just below. And We RAN!! literally!! so much for tiredness..

We reached our destination at 9:30, last 6 kms clearly covered at faster pace, thanks to our landslide stints :D We directly went to the public ladies bathing rooms. Its customary to take a bath before visiting the temple, & my family even insists on wearing everything new, down to the basic garments. And oh boy, the chilled water took me by surprise. The kind you wouldn't even want to touch, taking a bath was like too much. I closed my eyes and went inside the shower, came out in about 10 secs with a shivering spine. And the lights were so dim there that everyone was changing in open, no one bothered to change in cubicles provided.
We took a locker to keep our stuff and stood in queue for the holy visit. We had some special pass whose queue was considerably shorter. The general queue was atleast a km long, could be more, um not good at guessing. My mouth was agape at that sight.
Once inside the temple, its a loooong path to cover before we actually reach the cave in which three goddesses reside. And the exit to that cave was through stairs overflowing with chilled water flowing in through all the directions.. I couldn't even close my eyes here, i would fall flat on someone..After coming out,  everyone was tying  a red fabric on railing of a stair, i did too. I guessed it was to make a wish as is associated with all types of things being tied in Hindu temples. I made a special wish there :D
It was already 11:45pm by the time we came out of the temple and started looking for food straight away. With so many people around, all the foodie joints were open. We started our downward journey immediately after dinner. It had stopped raining by now. We were relieved that we'll not have to bear those shabby raincoats again, but then our relief was short lived.
For the first hour, we were comfortable with no rains. And since downward journey is easier on legs, we did cover a lot of distance. Somewhere after one of our hot-chocolate break, it started raining again. ON came our raincoats, double ones for me! Soon it started raining not like cats & dogs but rhinos & hippos! ( Thats how a friend put it :D ) with heavy winds and more landslides. Soon, we were walking holding out raincoats together, heavy winds promising to blow them away. We were no good though, i managed to tear both my raincoats.. DUH! thankfully our Pithu had bought 2 spares already, he knew we wont get those so late in night. I was tempted to wear third one on top, but then realised i'll look like a funny mummy ( Those raincoats were white) So removed one and kept the total to two.

One more leg-wrecking experiment we did. We had already experimented with stairs twice, which were 50-60 each. Third time we took stairs, it turned out to be 526 stairs!!! YES.. 526 stairs in one whole go, thats about 37 floors!  my legs are still complaining for that.. And soon after electricity went off.. Damn!! We walked in darkness, no moonlight either because of thick clouds. We kept walking & walking and couldnt even think of taking rest, weather looked like its going to get worse. My legs started quivering, my legs shouted that they cant take one more step, but we ket moving, sometimes taking baby steps, sometimes long strides (only cos my hubby kept pushing me to be strong) . Never know from where did i gain strength to take those strides. Held my hubby's hand and just kept pushing my legs.
On the end of our trail, our hotel's cab was waiting for us. Each step from the point where we could see the car till we actually reached it, was a huge task in itself. We reached our hotel room at 5:15 am. It was a longest 24 hours of my life. If you remember the start of this post i had woken up at 5 the previous day. I was awake for continuous 24 hours with the maximum of physical activity i have ever done or will ever do.  I took a Hot Bath & slept like a log for next 4 hours. Why only 4? well, there's another long post coming..
Monday 2 August 2010

Um Back!

Okay. So i'm back from my week long vacation, and I sincerely don't feel like working right now.. I'm having a vacation hangover.. :D

So here's a card i made before leaving, to be gifted along with wine bottle on a friend's marriage anniversary. I wanted to use some buttons as embellishments near the sentiment, but was seriously short of time..

Here's the inside of this card -

Supplies - 

Wines patterened paper with sentiment - Archies
Red & Grey cardstock, & glimmer tape - local stationer
Border Punch - Jef
Red/orange Ribbon - ItsyBitsy

I've a backlog of blogs to read, will probably take a day or two to go through them..
Monday 26 July 2010

Life is passing by in a blink!

I have been so so so busy this week that now i feel 'is it really possible to be that busy?'. I am going to a small vacation, will be visitng Vaishno Devi and Dharamshala, starting tomorrow and will be back on weekend.
That break from work should be look forward to and I should be happy from excitement!! But I'm so so overworked that coudnt feel that excitement in my ears :( I was asked to complete some work before i go and that meant hours of exhaustion and i also worked last saturday & sunday for it!!

The little time i had in between went into quickly going through malls & shops to get some new clothes for the trip. I hate it when i have to do this hurried shopping. That usually means i have bought a pair of jeans with not an awesome fitting, i could have got better at next shop. And i got no chance to buy a pair of new shoes!! And I did not buy some matching junk jewelery with those new tunics! Ahhh!!

So to sum it up, i did not get a chance this time around to enjoy the pre-trip luxuries and the time to build up that excitement!! :) But then, i am going tomorrow early morning , 'yay!' for that :)

I did make 2 cards this week plus i tried roses from a heart punch, read it from Anita's tutorial here. I just have been so busy (cribbing again!) that i din get time to pick up my camera & click them... I'll upload them after coming back!
Friday 23 July 2010

55 Fiction: Longing

Her eyes kept wandering to each direction, seemingly looking for someone. Her eyes  were intense, moving inconspicuously towards her wrist  every now and then. Then suddenly her expressions changed. Her taut face changed into a relieved one, with a noticeable twinkle in her eyes.  Another joyous face, of her fiancé, stood in front of her.
Thursday 15 July 2010

June ATCs

My june ATCs for the month of june'10. Theme - Ethnic Indian.

1. Trio

2. Peacock

What went in -
Peacock ensemble- from India International Trade Fair, 2008
Ribbons, copper sequins, brown rhinestones - local stationer
CardStocks - Recycled from old wedding invites.
Wednesday 14 July 2010

online store

Check out http://www.narulastationery.com/
some amazing stuff available online. Rotary paper trimmer available for 1350/- !! Seen here
and double-sided tape roller and 3M spray adhesives and sakura brush pens (for calligraphy).
Though i have never ordered from this site, you can check out the authenticity of the site if you want to.
Tuesday 13 July 2010

Iris Love

I wanted to try this Iris fold since i saw it in a book. This resembles Iris of a camera. The pic is not too good, clicked it in lesser light and later tweaked the pic using software.
I am not a challanges person, but did this for Yvonne Yam's atleast 3 Patterned Paper challenge. I dont think i would have tried this without being inspired by her challenge :)
I thought it'll be simple, but is not. I got this fold right on second try, and my husband was kept awake till late night while i made this. :D

Supplies - 
Carstock - local stationer
Patterned papers - Archies
Alpha-beads - itsybitsy
Crepe ribbon - Idee
Monday 12 July 2010

My sins against gender stereotypes

Have you ever wanted or done something your gender is not supposed to? DewDrops asked me to list 10 such things.

1. I can do odd-jobs at home which are usually men's area. I am comfortable with manly-tools such as screw-driver, pliers, hammers and can use them when needed with ease. I don't flinch when i have to replace bulbs n tube-lights and i tend to fix things that i need to.

2. I carry my own luggage even when my husband insists otherwise. Once i was back from airport and needed my luggage carried over to our home on second floor sans lift. My father in law gave up after 2 steps (he insisted he'll carry it). And needless to say, i carried whole 20.5 kgs for the rest of the steps and did so without putting it down even once!

3. I love action movies! I so totally love them. And my husband loves it!

4. I love trekking, walking, climbing, running, cycling, jumping over fences, even though i am not a regular at them and don't have too much of stamina. I still love doing all of that.

5. I love to explore a new city on my own. I can walk down aimlessly in the lanes of a stranger city with ease and confidence and yet be charmed by it.

6. I rarely keep my room organised and tidy. I throw my clothes anywhere in the room and keep my footwear wherever! I place my phone, my hair accessory, my watch  anywhere in the room.

7. I don't use makeup! I generally goto my office without applying *any* makeup. Not even a lip gloss. I don't wear much jewellery either except big earring and my ring. A married women in India is soooooo supposed to be laden with jewellery & make-up.

8. I drive recklessly, sometimes at speeds of 100 kmph and i do believe most girls don't know how to drive well! :( i so wish it weren't the case.

9. I donot want reservations for women in any place. I never use seats meant for women, rarely stand in girls-queues and sincerely believe in no special reservation for them in education institutes or jobs.

10. I hate cooking. literally hate cooking. I wish i never had to set foot in the kitchen... Though i know all basic indian cooking and can prepare a decent meal.

Okay. So i have completed my list. Would you want to list yours down too?
Thursday 8 July 2010

Fly away

Another Birthday card.. I got a birthday gift last year wrapped in a gorgeous sparkle blue paper. As always, i kept the paper, but somehow never used it anywhere till this card got made. :D The paper is toooo much bling in itself.

So here's that simple card i made. Loved the effect my blue paper gave.. I thought of giving it a faux stitching but then decided against.. I  loved the way it is, without distressing, inks, faux stitching & glitter, which is rare btw..

Supplies: -

Plane - ItsyBitsy transport theme
Square punch - Carla Craft
zigzag paper - itsybitsy
RedOHP marker - Stic
Wednesday 30 June 2010

With Love

Here's a quick card i made recently.

Stuff used -
Patterned paper & card stock from local stationer.
Ribbon, Hearts, Tree die-cuts, and printed sentiment - Itsy Bitsy
Purple flowers made from leaves set from itsy bitsy & silver-stickers from local stationer. 
Heart Stamp - Hobby ideas
Purple ink - Idee
Friday 25 June 2010

Indian Craft Challenge Blog!

I just loved the idea of having an indian challenge blog :) Its the brain child of Jaya Christina

The challenge blog can be found at thie URL - 
Monday 21 June 2010

Go Green

I made this green Birthday card this weekend..  Have used green colour for the first time. Somehow always felt this is not the right colour for a card. I took out this colour only cos it went well with the flower-plants-paper.. Bought it from Archies some time back.

And i'm not too dissapointed with the color scheme :)

And i also got a chance to use the Green "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".. I have a lot of Green & Blue "Happy Birthdays" left, since mostly i use other reds, pinks & goldens from the assorted pack :D

So, supplies from -
Flower pot pattern - Archies gift wrap.
Roses on Sticks - Cheap Jack, Mumbai.
Green gemstones, Golden ribbon, Brown button - kinari bazar, Chandni Chowk.
Web-pen from Artoons, Reynolds for faux stitching..
Flower Stamp - Staples, Noida.
Green Stamp-pad - Idee, Berlin.

The artoons webber pen is a real gem, makes it so easy  to do the faux stitching. This pen keeps the ink flowing even when it is not writing, so i just keep using the pen to make dots, and the in-between line is auto-drawn. :D But yeah i used it for the first time and need to make it a little more neat. Practice! :)
Thursday 17 June 2010

Shirts Tutorial

These are some shirts i learned to make, from a friend long time ago. I am writing down the steps to make them with some pics. I am not good in writing tutorials, so shoot a question if something is not clear.

Step 1. Take a sheet approx 10" x 4". You can modify the size after experimenting a bit and finding out what size suits your project. Hers, I took a page from Femina. You can use patterned papers as well, but then the collar always turn out to be white, so i avoid using them. Check out the bottom left corner shirt in the above pic, with white collars, made using a patterned  paper. 

Step 2.  Fold the paper by roughly two-third of its height. As you can see the back of this paper is very similar in color scheme, i chose this to get a similar collar for the shirt.

Step 3.  Fold the outer flaps towards center as shown.
( If someone noticed, the fold done in step-2 looks inverted, i did that accidentally but forgot to take pic with the two-third fold.)

Step 4.  Now, Its time to make sleeves. Just take a point on central line, and fold the flaps outwards as shown.

 Step 5.  On the other side (length-wise) make a small outward fold as shown. This will form the collar of the shirt, so adjust its height accordingly.

Step 6.  Now, with that fold towards the back side, fold the corner IN  towards the central line as shown.

Step 7. Now take the lower side and tuck-it in the collar just formed. And then flatten the shirt, making a smooth crease at the bottom.