Tuesday 26 December 2006


MY blog is closed indefinitely..
Thanks for being there when i needed support..
Sunday 10 December 2006

Wonderful Women

I recently had a trip home, and coincidently during whole of journey a woman sat beside me.. I met some wonderful women along the way. Let me tell you, why each one of them was special..

1. A very young girl, still studying in school started the journey with me. She wanted to build a career of her own and asked me a lot of question about getting admission and kind of preparations to do. I was very impressed by her ambitions. At her age, I wasn't even sure what I wanted to do in my life!! Forget about a college, I hadn't even decided on the stream I would follow..
She left after about half an hour.
2. Then a village women sat beside me. She was illiterate, had her face covered with dupatta and was the shy-est person I've ever met. Her voice was so low, I had to constrain my ears to know she was asking about time.. But, when the bus-conductor tried to charge her more for smaller route, she was very adamant on NOT giving a rupee extra.. I thought she will let it go after a few words, but she did not.. She argued with the conductor and let him return the balance..
3. After her a very very aged lady sat beside me.. She was so amazed at knowing that I am traveling alone, without a male escort :) She thought it was wonderful and acknowledged it is all because of studies.. :) She later commented if she was educated, she also might have needed only shoes and some money to travel all on her own and then she smiled so much, as if pleased in thinking of herself as an independent soul.. I felt nice after meeting her.. :)
4. After her another aged lady sat beside me.. Now she was traveling alone and I was worried will she be able to make it to her destination.. She was so old that her hands trembled all the time.. She told me she was visiting her sister and frequently made such trips :) I hope I too have such vigor left in me when I reach her age..
5. In the last part of my journey, a mother with her one-and-a-half yr old daughter was with me.. She absolutely doted on her daughter and her daughter was the naughtiest child.. Stood on her lap, danced, jumped and was hyper active.. Not once that woman lost her calm.. She patiently asked her to sit, whenever she did something outrageous.. I have seen mothers slapping and scolding their children at such times, but her patience amazed me.. :)

And so my journey ended and I reached my home sound and safe.. And apparently this was my last bus journey.. My sem will soon end, my parents will come to pick me and then I'll live in Delhi for another 6 months before joining Symantec in pune :)
Wednesday 6 December 2006


Well, HAPPY BUDDAY to my blog :) Its been an year since i started blogging.. made so many friends here... All your comments, disagreements or agreements :), anecdotes from your personal life, inspirational words, jokes, and everything else helped me grow in many ways..I LOVE YOU !! :) And i love this blogspot page of mine :)