Thursday 11 June 2015

Been ages!

Trying to share my craft work more often from now on!

Last Saturday I attended a wonderful UKSN craft retreat in Oxfordshire. Early morning start, driving 65 kms was well worth it! Came back home at 9:45 pm. Loved the workshops, and it is always good to learn about new products and techniques besides getting to know how others execute the same task.

Here are two of my favourite projects from that day -

 Tissue box holder and tag. 

After this workshop, I started looking at all the stuff i now want to buy. Gilding wax, fresco chalk paints, new dies and masks. Guess how much i need to spend this month? £75.. phew! I keep telling me I don't have a costly hobby (I have seen people spending crazy money for their hobbies), but how can i afford all this and then save some more for my other fashion stuff!! lol!!

Anyways, I have joined UKSN swapping club too. Here are my next set of ATCs (themed 'Wooden' - all of these have a wooden element to them)

Hope to post more often!