Thursday 30 September 2010

Series of similar Cards

I made a yellow card with Green border a few days back, here's the link. I made a few more using same basic material. I call them my YGLace series :) short for "Yellow-Green Lace series"

1. You mean a Lot to me

2. Congrats. Well Done.

3. Good Luck. Do well!

4. Missing you .. A Lot.

5. Best Friends.. Always.

Wednesday 29 September 2010


I am so happy now that rains have stopped pouring in Delhi since past few days. The roads are better now, plus courtesy CWG, there are no Commercial vehicles running for major part of the day.
Which means i'm taking fewer hours in commuting to(& from) my office. I'm getting 9 hours of sleep and I'm able to attend my aerobics class without a miss. yay!! for that! If you compare it with 6-6.5 hours of sleep, I'm in heaven.. :)

Another important thing that happened to me this week is that I did a round of back strengthening exercises with 30 kgs of weight! I was surprised at knowing my own strength, most other girls were done with 5kgs & a few went upto 15.. My instructor warned me of back ache that might occur for putting in a some pressure there. And to my surprise, I went to my class next day without even a hint of any ache.. I got to know of one good thing about myself, I have a strong spinal strength! :)
Friday 24 September 2010


I was so inspired by Marit's Challenge on yyam's blog, that even thought it has been ages since i last made a collage, i wanted to make one.. Here's the Challenge link.

I know i could have done better than this, but today is the last day of submission and i was kind of wary of re-doing everything to get it right.

Title: Looks can deceive you

 The lady picture is from some catalog for sculptures. That's why i have three perspectives of the same piece. The other tidbits of paper are from same catalog. I have done the background from Sketch pens , some crayons and a golden Artoons Pen.

 Now, That one was from the challenge. I made another one while i was at making collages :D Took a while to collect the words from magazines. The most tough was to find "HAND".. And i originally had the quote "With the Touch of her hand, This world SPRANG to life" I had one in million chance of finding that word in the magazines i read.. So, here's my another take on the collage-making -

Title: With her Touch 
Thursday 23 September 2010

A Baby Girl!

So, Completed the entry to Crafty JC's challenge #2. Just in time :)
The challenge was to make a card from 1-2-3 recipe.

1 PP  - i have used polka dot with stripes PP
2 colors - Pink n brown
3 embellishments - one thread & 2 hands

And how could i not think of a baby girl card when i'm forced to think Pink!! :D :D . So Here's my entry -

The inside of the card looks like this - 

Supplies - 
PP got from a friend who was celebrating her nephew's birthday and this paper was brought to wrap the gifts.  
Plain brown paper & card stock from local stationer.
Pink thread from Mcleodganj market
Tiny hands from itsybitsy
Sentiment & baby photograph from a sheet bought from Archies.

On Another note, made this card a long while back & has the same feel. I made this for a friend's daughter's 1st bday -
Here's some details of the card, which are not as blurry as the above pic -
Monday 20 September 2010

No card yet again!

Yeah, i know i was supposed to post the pics of all the cards i made last week but i have become such a lazy bum, i have not yet taken out my camera to click them. I have atleast 3 reasons to give as an excuse :D but i know i also had loads of time when i could have done that.

Last week went in a tizzy. Its raining like cats and dogs here in Delhi, so much so that all my parents generation have only one thing to say, " I am witnessing this much rain in Delhi for the first time in my life". :D 
Though i just LOVE rains,  I hate the chaos it causes. Most of the roads are pot-holed with a lot of water-logging everywhere. Which invariably has pushed my travelling time to about 4-5 hours daily. :(

And my parents hosted a dinner to our Great Big Indian Family. Three generations together after a long time & what a lovely chaotic evening that was! Loads of laughter and cheers! And since i was the unofficial assistant hostess to my mom, I ended up running from room to room, for various little things! I got to catch up with a cousin whom i met after 2 long years, and realised, OMG, My nieces have grown so much!! I was having so much fun that my hubby had to literally drag me out at 1 am, reminding me we have office tomorrow! I slept around 2am, woke up at 6:30 and reached office sharp at 9. And its really becoming difficult to stay awake right now :D
Monday 13 September 2010

No card, just ramblings of my happy mind!

My in-laws were out of Delhi for most part of the weekend.
So what did i do? Well, I took out all my craft supplies, put them up on our dining table and started crafting. I made a few cards on saturday.  I don't have a work-desk in my room and i usually take stuff i need from my drawer, use them & keep them back. Most of the times i get lazy and leave things in middle, thinking 'will complete it later'.
I so so so loved the whole process of arranging my stuff on the table & having everything at a hand away... My mum-in-law is a cleanliness fanatic and would have freaked out if i had put all my stuff on the dining table in her presence :D (Usually its my husband who freaks out when our bedroom is in a mess)
I found my other camera yesterday and will put up the pics soon.
And a friend of my hubby got a set of punches. One of them being simple flower one. I created some lovely blooms by stacking the punch cut-outs..
But to my disheartening, two of my punches refused to work :( They were working all right last time. I felt bad  to see my hearts punch & my new butterfly punch going worthless. 
Then, I also left two projects unfinished. One from the CraftyJC's Second challenge and another one a collage for yvonne's guest blogger. Both of them seem to be turning up well, though i left them halfway since my mind stopped working after making 4-5 cards that day :D Am going to complete them soon..
Monday 6 September 2010


I have been online after a long long time i guess.. A new project has started in office & i was pretty busy in setting things up and running. Made a quick card for Yvonne's challenge here. The grid looks fab in real, this pic is very bad quality, clicked this from my phone, hence the washed out effect.. My cam's battery is not working anymore :( I do have another camera, but need to search it out in my wardrobe.. Will do so on next weekend, cant stand the images my phone picks..

The color of the card is also, a bit darker & vibrant shade of blue. And do you see the zig-zag ruffle? I just loved it.. And a small charm near bottom  on the right side was a RAK from Shalini.
& i spell it as Thanx cos i din have letter 'K' in black!! :D :D

And yes, I'm still a little busy on office work. I do browse through all of your blogs, though not commenting on your lovely creations!