Monday 26 July 2010

Life is passing by in a blink!

I have been so so so busy this week that now i feel 'is it really possible to be that busy?'. I am going to a small vacation, will be visitng Vaishno Devi and Dharamshala, starting tomorrow and will be back on weekend.
That break from work should be look forward to and I should be happy from excitement!! But I'm so so overworked that coudnt feel that excitement in my ears :( I was asked to complete some work before i go and that meant hours of exhaustion and i also worked last saturday & sunday for it!!

The little time i had in between went into quickly going through malls & shops to get some new clothes for the trip. I hate it when i have to do this hurried shopping. That usually means i have bought a pair of jeans with not an awesome fitting, i could have got better at next shop. And i got no chance to buy a pair of new shoes!! And I did not buy some matching junk jewelery with those new tunics! Ahhh!!

So to sum it up, i did not get a chance this time around to enjoy the pre-trip luxuries and the time to build up that excitement!! :) But then, i am going tomorrow early morning , 'yay!' for that :)

I did make 2 cards this week plus i tried roses from a heart punch, read it from Anita's tutorial here. I just have been so busy (cribbing again!) that i din get time to pick up my camera & click them... I'll upload them after coming back!
Friday 23 July 2010

55 Fiction: Longing

Her eyes kept wandering to each direction, seemingly looking for someone. Her eyes  were intense, moving inconspicuously towards her wrist  every now and then. Then suddenly her expressions changed. Her taut face changed into a relieved one, with a noticeable twinkle in her eyes.  Another joyous face, of her fiancé, stood in front of her.
Thursday 15 July 2010

June ATCs

My june ATCs for the month of june'10. Theme - Ethnic Indian.

1. Trio

2. Peacock

What went in -
Peacock ensemble- from India International Trade Fair, 2008
Ribbons, copper sequins, brown rhinestones - local stationer
CardStocks - Recycled from old wedding invites.
Wednesday 14 July 2010

online store

Check out
some amazing stuff available online. Rotary paper trimmer available for 1350/- !! Seen here
and double-sided tape roller and 3M spray adhesives and sakura brush pens (for calligraphy).
Though i have never ordered from this site, you can check out the authenticity of the site if you want to.
Tuesday 13 July 2010

Iris Love

I wanted to try this Iris fold since i saw it in a book. This resembles Iris of a camera. The pic is not too good, clicked it in lesser light and later tweaked the pic using software.
I am not a challanges person, but did this for Yvonne Yam's atleast 3 Patterned Paper challenge. I dont think i would have tried this without being inspired by her challenge :)
I thought it'll be simple, but is not. I got this fold right on second try, and my husband was kept awake till late night while i made this. :D

Supplies - 
Carstock - local stationer
Patterned papers - Archies
Alpha-beads - itsybitsy
Crepe ribbon - Idee
Monday 12 July 2010

My sins against gender stereotypes

Have you ever wanted or done something your gender is not supposed to? DewDrops asked me to list 10 such things.

1. I can do odd-jobs at home which are usually men's area. I am comfortable with manly-tools such as screw-driver, pliers, hammers and can use them when needed with ease. I don't flinch when i have to replace bulbs n tube-lights and i tend to fix things that i need to.

2. I carry my own luggage even when my husband insists otherwise. Once i was back from airport and needed my luggage carried over to our home on second floor sans lift. My father in law gave up after 2 steps (he insisted he'll carry it). And needless to say, i carried whole 20.5 kgs for the rest of the steps and did so without putting it down even once!

3. I love action movies! I so totally love them. And my husband loves it!

4. I love trekking, walking, climbing, running, cycling, jumping over fences, even though i am not a regular at them and don't have too much of stamina. I still love doing all of that.

5. I love to explore a new city on my own. I can walk down aimlessly in the lanes of a stranger city with ease and confidence and yet be charmed by it.

6. I rarely keep my room organised and tidy. I throw my clothes anywhere in the room and keep my footwear wherever! I place my phone, my hair accessory, my watch  anywhere in the room.

7. I don't use makeup! I generally goto my office without applying *any* makeup. Not even a lip gloss. I don't wear much jewellery either except big earring and my ring. A married women in India is soooooo supposed to be laden with jewellery & make-up.

8. I drive recklessly, sometimes at speeds of 100 kmph and i do believe most girls don't know how to drive well! :( i so wish it weren't the case.

9. I donot want reservations for women in any place. I never use seats meant for women, rarely stand in girls-queues and sincerely believe in no special reservation for them in education institutes or jobs.

10. I hate cooking. literally hate cooking. I wish i never had to set foot in the kitchen... Though i know all basic indian cooking and can prepare a decent meal.

Okay. So i have completed my list. Would you want to list yours down too?
Thursday 8 July 2010

Fly away

Another Birthday card.. I got a birthday gift last year wrapped in a gorgeous sparkle blue paper. As always, i kept the paper, but somehow never used it anywhere till this card got made. :D The paper is toooo much bling in itself.

So here's that simple card i made. Loved the effect my blue paper gave.. I thought of giving it a faux stitching but then decided against.. I  loved the way it is, without distressing, inks, faux stitching & glitter, which is rare btw..

Supplies: -

Plane - ItsyBitsy transport theme
Square punch - Carla Craft
zigzag paper - itsybitsy
RedOHP marker - Stic