Tuesday 27 April 2010

Mumbai Trip - part ONE

Had a wonderful trip to Mumbai last week. This lovely & much needed break turned out to be an adventurous one.
We spent 2 days in Mumbai and the day i stepped out of my plane, i developed a sincere dislike towards unbearably humid weather. So finally ended up with a lot of time at home(my sis-in-law's) itself, within the comforts of AC. The good thing being, I visited a few craft stores in Mumbai and bought a LOT of nice stuff. My next post def would be about what all i got. I loved a store called 'Cheap Jack' for the amazing collection of buttons and 'Hobby Ideas' for stuff not easily available anywhere else in India.
We went to a museum called 'The Monetary Museum' by RBI. There are so many coins on display, from ancient India to modern times. Loved going through them, I don't remember much of it though. It was mesmerizing to know what different Indian rulers did to make their own 'style statement' when it comes to their dynasty/kingdom's Coins.And there's a place called Khau gali just opposite to this museum, It had amazing indian street food. The Bhelpuri was among the best ones, and i think this is what famous mumbaiya bhelpuri really is. The ones we get on Mumbai-beaches now is just rubbish in comparison. I always took a plate of Bhelpuri on beaches & ended up wondering, 'what's so special anyways?' .
Then we went to a the famous Prithvi theatre and watched 'Munshi ji ki gudgudiyan'. A play made from 4 stories written by famous Hindi short-story-writer Munshi Premchand. Loved the first two stories and somewhat liked the 3rd one. Last one was boring beyond comprehension. And I did saw 2 TV personalities amongst the handful of audiences the play had. One being Bumpy from MTV Roadies production team, he was there with a chinki girl, who, i recall, is also from Roadies Crew. I dont know the name of second guy. :D
The next two an a half days were spent in Matheran.

-- To Be Continued --
Thursday 15 April 2010

March ATCs

These were my entries for March ATC, on crazy about ATCs blog.

Theme for march was "Cute as a Button!!"

1. Earring

2.Life is good

Updated on 26th April:

Received these lovely ATCs:

This one is from Shelly
Loved that cute little bird.

And this one is from Anita
Super cute Duck buttons :)
Wednesday 14 April 2010

Driving skills!

I drove to office today. Now, you might ask, whats so special about it? Well, its usually my husband who drives the 80-90 odd kms to & fro daily, I only drive from his office to mine about 8 kms away.. I rarely drive full distance on my own.
I ended up doing a lot of thinking today while driving, and while listening to the radio sometimes. I remember the time when i was  really really anxious while driving. Had to focus on clutch, gear, accelerator, stearing wheel and the neighboring cars ALL together. And that was a huge deterrent to allow me to drive.
Somewhere down the line, I guess i became so habitual of driving that i stopped trying too hard on everything i just mentioned.. :D I enjoy driving now, though only if there're no traffic jams and i get to drive on 5th gear all the time.. :) :) :)
I truly feel its an accomplishment for me to drive so naturally now, my feet respond automatically, my hand moves the steering without even thinking about it. I drive at 100kmph on highway without flinching about speed. And I Love it. I never believed i would be driving like this someday.
Oh and the thanks goes to my husband for pushing me into driving.  Thats another matter that he pushed me so he won't have to drop me to my office everyday :D He hated to drive that extra distance :D
Thursday 8 April 2010

sleep deprived!

Me thinks there should be more hours in the day....for sleeping!!! I am soo sooo sooo sleep deprived these days.. :( atleast 8 hours would do so good for me :D