Tuesday 31 July 2012

My life has utterly completely changed!

and that too for good! :) :) :) Its been a long while since  i was last seen on the blog. To be honest I had totally forgotten i even have a blog! My daughter is about to turn 5 months and i dont think i even "Announced" the news ofher arrival here!

Taking care of my baby was easier when my mother-in-law and then my mom were here, now i dont even get time to look after myself! My heels are getting cracked, my nose is becoming a safe house for blackheads and my hair is getting messier by the day. I just keep thinking tomorrow i will definitely tend to my forgotten self but that day never comes.. :(

And how can i not post a picture of what i did in last 5 months.. I made loads of these party favor boxes for sweets and chocolates on the occasion of naming ceremony of Amaira, my daughter.

A little Thank-you note hanging on the side..

Other than these i am really getting on with my honeymoon scrapbook but i am not comfortable putting them up here with no protection on our photographs.. Do you know any *free* software that can be used to blur our pics?