Tuesday 19 June 2007

Is it ME you are talking about?

Everyone sees what they want to see.. I am being seen as a daughter, a sister, a would-be wife, a woman.
I have no problems being seen in different roles, but why does it happens sometimes that people forget that i am an individual first and that i might have my own say in issues relating closely to myself?
Wednesday 6 June 2007

7-things tag..

1. 7 Things i want to do in lifetime : -

* Bungee jumping.
* Write a novel of my own.
* Gift life to an orphan girl, provide her education and a good living.
* Do a mind blowing dance performance on stage, something not easily forgotten.
* Visit all countries (atleast a lot of them), to travel, to photograph, to enjoy, to learn.
* Place "Dr." Before my name
* Open a sunday school, for children to have fun, to learn what is absent in schools and leave their TVs and PCs for a while.

2. 7 Things i can do : -

* Listen to music 24X7
* Speak up against unfair treatment
* Kiss in a public place
* Talk non-stop for hours
* Smile at a stranger and get a smile in return.
* Go on doing things i wanto do, even if people criticise or dissaprove
* Appreciate beautiful things, man made as well as nature's :)

3. 7 Things i can't do : -

* Believe in a supreme power controlling our lives.
* Love unconditionally
* Talking to a hypocrite person
* Remember everyone's bdays and anniversaries
* Do something just to please someone or for money alone
* Hang in the air while holding onto something overhead, My grip is too bad..
* Harm someone for my own interests

4. 7 Things that attract me to other person : -

* Smile
* Expressive eyes
* Intelligence
* Laid back ease in attitude
* Broad-minded thinking
* Display of affection
* Dancing skills

5. 7 My secrets : -

* I can prepare good meals, even though i literally hate cooking
* Its difficult for me to see good points of anything/anyone "before" I notice the negative ones, i guess, that way i appreciate positive things better.
* Forgive everyone very soon, I myself cannot remain hurt for long
* I think a lot, sometimes making a small problem into a big one, just because i imagine its going to be bad
* I painting skills have ecome pathetic.. Its been a long time since i painted something with watercolors. I have almost forgotten how to merge colors on canvas, maybe it'll comeback when i start painting regularly
* I like playing flash
* I catch cold if i remain in airconditioned room for long..

6. 7 People i care : -

* Papa
* Mumma
* My brothers
* Sush
* Abhi
* My best fren from school
* Pri

7. 7 People i want to take up this tag : -

anyone who feels like doing this is welcome :)