Wednesday 30 June 2010

With Love

Here's a quick card i made recently.

Stuff used -
Patterned paper & card stock from local stationer.
Ribbon, Hearts, Tree die-cuts, and printed sentiment - Itsy Bitsy
Purple flowers made from leaves set from itsy bitsy & silver-stickers from local stationer. 
Heart Stamp - Hobby ideas
Purple ink - Idee
Friday 25 June 2010

Indian Craft Challenge Blog!

I just loved the idea of having an indian challenge blog :) Its the brain child of Jaya Christina

The challenge blog can be found at thie URL -
Monday 21 June 2010

Go Green

I made this green Birthday card this weekend..  Have used green colour for the first time. Somehow always felt this is not the right colour for a card. I took out this colour only cos it went well with the flower-plants-paper.. Bought it from Archies some time back.

And i'm not too dissapointed with the color scheme :)

And i also got a chance to use the Green "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".. I have a lot of Green & Blue "Happy Birthdays" left, since mostly i use other reds, pinks & goldens from the assorted pack :D

So, supplies from -
Flower pot pattern - Archies gift wrap.
Roses on Sticks - Cheap Jack, Mumbai.
Green gemstones, Golden ribbon, Brown button - kinari bazar, Chandni Chowk.
Web-pen from Artoons, Reynolds for faux stitching..
Flower Stamp - Staples, Noida.
Green Stamp-pad - Idee, Berlin.

The artoons webber pen is a real gem, makes it so easy  to do the faux stitching. This pen keeps the ink flowing even when it is not writing, so i just keep using the pen to make dots, and the in-between line is auto-drawn. :D But yeah i used it for the first time and need to make it a little more neat. Practice! :)
Thursday 17 June 2010

Shirts Tutorial

These are some shirts i learned to make, from a friend long time ago. I am writing down the steps to make them with some pics. I am not good in writing tutorials, so shoot a question if something is not clear.

Step 1. Take a sheet approx 10" x 4". You can modify the size after experimenting a bit and finding out what size suits your project. Hers, I took a page from Femina. You can use patterned papers as well, but then the collar always turn out to be white, so i avoid using them. Check out the bottom left corner shirt in the above pic, with white collars, made using a patterned  paper. 

Step 2.  Fold the paper by roughly two-third of its height. As you can see the back of this paper is very similar in color scheme, i chose this to get a similar collar for the shirt.

Step 3.  Fold the outer flaps towards center as shown.
( If someone noticed, the fold done in step-2 looks inverted, i did that accidentally but forgot to take pic with the two-third fold.)

Step 4.  Now, Its time to make sleeves. Just take a point on central line, and fold the flaps outwards as shown.

 Step 5.  On the other side (length-wise) make a small outward fold as shown. This will form the collar of the shirt, so adjust its height accordingly.

Step 6.  Now, with that fold towards the back side, fold the corner IN  towards the central line as shown.

Step 7. Now take the lower side and tuck-it in the collar just formed. And then flatten the shirt, making a smooth crease at the bottom.

Tuesday 15 June 2010


Theme for May's ATC on ATC Blog this time was "Anything but a Rectangle".

Here are my entries -

1. Stiletto
I made this in a hurry hence the simple look. I wanted to make something ornate, but then, loved this one too. The Paper is actually from a wedding invite.. I so totally loved the golden sparkle. The flower & that tiny winy ribbon is from my stash.

2. Circle of Life 
Well, A friend of mine,Jaspreet Bhambra, sold/auctioned her paintings to raise funds for an NGO working towards Child rights and education. One particular painting was made together with her 5 year old nephew, Arnav Bhambra, who wanted to help in this initiative. He wanted to help in making the paintings so that they can be adopted to raise money for, in his own words, "kids who do not have anything and can't go to school, or buy paints, or colors, or books, and pencils...."

So this painting is the inspiration behind my 2nd ATC, and there are two of these ATCs because I sent one to Arnav along with the ATC swap hostess.On having a look at what the hostess received, i was a bit disheartened for the crumpled quilled center. Here's the pic which hostess posted.. :(  And i have no idea in what state has Arnav received the ATC, that being sent in another country altogether.
Monday 7 June 2010

My April ATC

April ATCs-

Theme for this month was Beat the heat with 'Summer treats'

1. I scream Icecream
I used Pop-Corn Pens for the icecream.. Gives great 3D texture :D

2. YUM

Used Quiling strips & my paper crimper for this. And letters are from a 3D sticker sheet.

Waiting to receive the swaps..
Tuesday 1 June 2010

I'm hosting this month's ATC swap

Yippie!! I'm hosting June's ATC swap on

Theme for this month is Ethnic Indian.  Time for some wooden blocks, peacocks,  paisleys, Intricate patterns, earthly colors and whatever else you can think of. For more details hop to the ATC blog.

Do Join in!!