Thursday 30 November 2006

window to the new world

Only about 15 days left in this institution, of which i have written so much in past one-and-a-half year.. I have showed my dislike towards this place, i missed my Delhi a lot.. I missed the happening culture.. I missed carefree frens, who wont sit n study throughout the day.. I know i missed so much of my old life..
But now as i look back, i feel i am going to miss the quiet life i have been living since i joined here.. I feel so much mature, i feel old in some sense, i feel grown up.. I feel detached from some relations, i feel elated to realize i'll have my first salary in my hand soon.. I feel a mixture of joy and nostalgia.. I know i'll miss my frens from here.. Initially i never thought i'll be able to make so many friends.. Yesterday i spen 90% of my farewell time in clicking pics with all the people i made frens with.. i did not even have a decent dinner :D i was so absorbed in getting every one's pics clicked..
It seems I am watching my small world with different eyes now, everything is just so different now.. I had my share of crushes, tears, smiles, pride, enthusiasm, sharing, dances, love, chocolates :), chats, night outs, studies, projects, assignments, friends... Now its time to say farewell to all !! Now as i try to visualize my life through the window, i see so many new things, new horizons, new challenges.. but yet the feeling of loss of such a wonderful time will be carried by me through some time to come..