Friday 19 January 2007

Where's the need?

Recently i have started to have very strong feel to change people's perception about me. I feel it is so odd that people comment on my physique in a negative way. I know i am on the heavier side but i am as fit as anyone could be. I cannot change my appearance drastically because i cannot lose weight easily, but still i chose to accept the way it is and be happy.
I feel so repulsive when people cant believe i can jog for 4-5 kms.. or my body is more flexible than theirs cos i have been working out since some time now.. I was having a discussion with a colleague in office about going to some place which is 3 kms away and he said "Have you ever walked that much in your life at one go?" I felt bad at that.. i mean i can jog upto that place in 15-20 minutes and he says have u even walked that much..
I Love to eat fruits, i love the freshness.. now recently i was having fruits in lunch.. not just one fruit, but half a dozen types.. I am having this lunch for some time now and i have experienced, not just its healthy and fulfilling but also keeps me energetic for the whole day.. BUT people reacted in a way i never even thought about - "Are you dieting?".. lolz.. fruits too have calories, they are natural sources of sugar.. and they fill our stomach too :)
When these people comment, it is still OK, cos they dont really know me.. but when my mom says the same thing i get so amused.. I know she wanted a very beautiful daughter ( i know i am.. :D ) and ever since i remember she thinks if i get slimmer i will get more beautiful.. If I am happy being the way i am, why stress out mentally about the way my body is built? I excesrcise regularly, do pranayam regularly, and see myself fit to fight the battle of life.. Then why do people still think i need to be better?
Wednesday 17 January 2007

Twists and turns..

well, no twists and turns happening in my life right now.. life is very boring.. i wish writin this could bring some change :D I have started going to office and i am finding the days very very very veryyyyyyyyy long.. boo hoo hoo.. :( pata nahi yaar tum log pura din kaise nikalte ho office me.. kaam dhaam bhi jyada nahi mila hai abhi tak to..

vaise yaha pe internet access nahi allowed hai mereko.. i am accessing this with some one else's account.. and if i really get so much time throughout my internship, i might get back to blogging.
Also, i have started missing those old days when i would surf so many blogs and share my thoughts with the world.. :)