Monday 29 March 2010


So finally i got time to make this months ATCs.. I was really really busy this month, and really thought i'll not be able to send ATCs for march. Also this month's theme was a little tough for me.. or maybe i was going through artists' block.. couldnt think of much to do with the buttons i bought for this project.. I had never worked with buttons before..
I made two ATCs..  & not happy with one of them.. I ripeed it off totally and made it again.. not too happy with second attempt either..  I still think i could have done better, but lack of time did stop me to start afresh the Third time.. :D
I hope someone likes them :D
Tuesday 16 March 2010

My Feb's ATCs

Forgot to post them here..

They were made for February ATC swap, themed  "Say it with Hearts!!".

1. Tenderness

2. Take My Heart

Thursday 11 March 2010


It feels so amazing to watch your wild classmates get wild again at another classmates wedding.. :) Almost all of them had two left feet, still they were all *dancing* to the beats.. The whole scene was so hilarious, I just couldn't stop laughing by the end of it all. About 7-8 guys jumping mindlessly, without the sense of beat and occasionally trying to co-ordinate themselves.
Had they not been my classmates, i would have watched this bunch with a very disapproving eyes. Knowing them so well made the scene so happy and joyous. Only these people can pull such an act :D
And it did bring some good ol' memories back, Our principal had actually stated : "In my whole career , I had never seen such a bunch of in-disciplined students, and I am sure I will not come across ever again" :D When all of my class got suspended for burning crackers in the lecture room, no one even went to say sorry. The suspension was supposed to be indefinite, but the princi saw we were having more fun, not attending the classes, so he called us back after a week :D :D

Those were good times :)
Monday 8 March 2010

I kept my promise

Well, I kept my promise, i made to myself. I ordered the 4-book set of Twilight, Started reading the day it arrived, i think it was 4-march, thursday. Its monday today and i have already been through the first two(twilight and new moon) and have started the third one(eclipse). And i feel so pleased about the fact that my reading speed is still a no-compare to anyone i know of.

I also started working on the March ATC using buttons.. but somehow my heart was deeply set with Bella & Edward ( the main characters of the books i'm currently reading) and so i quickly left off that and continued with the books. And oddly, i didnot even miss my laptop.. It was not switched ON for two complete days, which i think was a first for my laptop, to be not turned-ON at all in whole weekend.. :D

And it was fun watching my husband next to me trying to coax me out of the book i was deeply buried in. I got threats of putting off the lights, warning about not to go beyond a certain page number and (mildly) violent attacks on my book.. Most irritating action of hin  being when he would just close my book without even letting me bookmark it.. I hate to find where i was before.

And i think next time i'm going to turn off his Playstation while he is still playing :D :D *grinning* *With an evil smile* :)
Thursday 4 March 2010


I have lately started a task, of visiting blogs i used to read some 2 years back, and reading my own older posts again. And i feel, why in the first place did i drifted away from blogging?
These last two years have been the most hectic years of my life. I got married, started living with new people, got into a very time-taking job, bought a home and hence a lot of financial burden. Spent some time in photography, then left it. Spent some time in paper-crafts, then left it too. Here and there spent some time in reading books too. My drawer is now full of things i kept on hoarding, intending to use it some day in some creation of mine. My book-shelf is full of books i picked, still lying un-read. When will i ever go through all of these? i really never thought about that.
In the process of trying to adjust into the new life i stepped into, i lost interest in most of the things that were close to my heart. I am no longer the person i used to be. That "I don't care" attitude is gone now. That will to do Everything in life has been replaced with sheer lazyness. I am always so tired. :D
And as to why i started writing again.. I somehow bumped into a blog, while searching for something else totally. The blog's writer was participating in an ATC swap, i got interested too and upon knowing that i'll have to give my blog address there, i visited my own blog, to check if its still there :D It very much is there..
And from now on, i hope to write regularly and re-follow my passions again.
Wednesday 3 March 2010

Bhaang experience

So many people have told me their bhaang experiences in past that i was so excited about having to say something of my own on that topic.. Had a glass of bhaang this holi, but guess what!!!! Somehow i managed not to have any experience at all!!! came home and slept.. and that is it :( slept for loooong, thats another thing.. but other than that, i have no story to tell..

But then, there's always next time :)