Friday 29 July 2011

tid bits

I believe everyone of you might have noticed my absence from blogging.. Though i am actively reading your posts, appreciating your new projects and getting inspired to do many new things,  i am still not really doing anything in my own life.
Some of you already know the fact that i am moving to London for a few years. And to be honest, I am more scared than i am thrilled at the prospect. I have never been a homely girl, always finding fun & peace in outdoor activities. I don't love to cook, I don't really watch television and I definitely don't like to 'relax' by sitting at home (doing nothing). Take me to dinners, parties, movies, get-togethers and i am a content soul! Even working in office is better than working from home!
And, why the hell am i scared of moving? First thing, i am not going to be able to afford a maid there.. I'll be cooking, cleaning, washing and what not!! Even though, I know, my darling husband will be helping me, there's no denying that the amount of task I'll have to do there is going to be much more than what i have ever done in my life!
Then there's the BIG question of unemployment. It has been a long time since I have working & I do love my financial independence. I am not afraid of being bored at home, I have a lot of hobbies to nurture in absence of my usual programming job. I still am anxious for my future & career in the long term. I think I'll also apply for a PhD studentship in next study year. There's a big doubt if I'll get an admission & bigger doubt about whether  I'll be able to afford the studies if i am not offered a scholarship!  Keeping my fingers crossed.
I am really excited about one thing though, I'll have no dearth of crafty supplies there.. I was checking out an Australian scrapbooking magazine ( jan 2008 edition) and the stuff advertised in that magazine has still not reached India in mainstream retailing. I should have expected that nonetheless the fact still hurts me!!
On another note, you know what i have been doing past few days? I have been reading/viewing a LOT of scrapbooking & card-making books, I have a cute collection of about a dozen such books, and I love going through them again & again.. And, I have made envelopes for the note-cards I'll be sending next week for ICR secret swap event.. you read it correct, I have made only the envelopes, yet to make the note cards.. & I already have 3 Tags to send out (I made them in Brussels :D )