Sunday 5 January 2014

03/01/14 - 365Project

I think I am doing good , i have remembered to click a photo for first 4days of this year :) In this post i am updating for 3 jan only.. My 1st & 4th pics are in a camera so will need time *away* from my daughter to turn on my laptop and upload them.. I guess this way i'll end up using my phone more :) just cos of the ease of use..

#3 Hailstorm from office window

My second work day of the year was pretty unimpressive with half the office empty and not much enthusiasm among coworkers.. So when this hailstorm struck, everyone was glued to the windows till it lasted.. It looked awesome.. And if you notice the windscreens of the cars, you can notice the bunch of hail-stones accumulated..
Friday 3 January 2014

365 days of 2014 in pictures

I have been terribly busy lately!! Got a new job, moved to a new house in a small town, trying to get my daughter to settle into her new nursery, taking care of her while she was getting sick again and again, a small (3 weeks!) vacation to India to meet friends and family and some other stuff!!

I have not been crafting lately amidst all that hoopla, so had no motivation to turn come to my blog and say something! But this year I have made a resolution, inspired by a friend on fb, to make a post for everyday in this year. :)

My posts will not be everyday, but there will be a post (with a picture) for everyday.. Atleast thats what I am going to aim for! Good Luck to me! :)

#1 Amaira with stickers on the plane 01/01/14

We love to travel. This was my daughter's 3rd abroad vacation and her 7th flight. She would run across aisles and meet other kids and would be really naughty. She would touch all baby's head as taught by us to touch Syon, her cousin. To keep her busy, we found some stickers along with headphones - 'wake me up for food' and stuff like that. She was super fun to watch! I feel blessed to have her in my life.

And we travelled on 1st day of 2014, may we keep travelling throughout the world!