Sunday 5 January 2014

03/01/14 - 365Project

I think I am doing good , i have remembered to click a photo for first 4days of this year :) In this post i am updating for 3 jan only.. My 1st & 4th pics are in a camera so will need time *away* from my daughter to turn on my laptop and upload them.. I guess this way i'll end up using my phone more :) just cos of the ease of use..

#3 Hailstorm from office window

My second work day of the year was pretty unimpressive with half the office empty and not much enthusiasm among coworkers.. So when this hailstorm struck, everyone was glued to the windows till it lasted.. It looked awesome.. And if you notice the windscreens of the cars, you can notice the bunch of hail-stones accumulated..

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