Tuesday 24 April 2007

Associative memory

A chinese person's view : All Indian faces look almost the same..

Isnt it facinating how our brain works.. I remember reading an article about associative memory, which is so beautifully illustrated by this similar faces perception.. Our brain associates new patterns with what it has in store. New faces, new patterns.. When he looks at us, he asociates all of us with an Indian face.. It takes time to register finer patterns of a new race in memory..
And whats more fascinating is the fact our brain doesnot easily get confused with different people, even when we might meet so many new people frequently. This is beacause of this associative memory we have got. And probably not many people know why we have this kind of memory.. This is because of the massive parallel neural network we have inside our head.. The best computer ever made.. When we do memory improving problems, we are making our neurons learn how to associate quickly and to work together in a better possible way.. not a single parallel computer is more efficient than a mere 1% of our brain.. These neurons work together in parallel to compare new patterns and old ones, and provide us back with an instant recognition of a pattern.

Nature always does everything in best possible way.. Nothing beats it!!
Monday 16 April 2007

Yo Salsa!!

Salsa is really so much fun :) I was surprised at my partner's dedication to learn this dance.. I usually take small breaks in between, but he could go on without a break even though he is learning this dace for the first time..
It is a rule in salsa that the male partner leads the dance, but its really so tempting to tell him to do this step next.. I have to literally control myself not to lead him :)
Update : After i saw this post on mah blog, i just loved the pic and this shade of red over black background..
Thursday 12 April 2007

Money matters..

Its good to have money & the things it can buy. But its also god to check once in a while & make sure you haven't lost the things money can't buy..
Monday 2 April 2007

my first date after officially getting engaged

walking hand in hand
fights over seatbelts
car-insurance lost
drinking breezer and feeling light headed
adding more to my earring collection
carrying his wallet, with permission to use it as much i want
reading sms
no-smoking zone
the namesake
resting my head on his shoulders throughout the movie
snatching away my hand when lights went on
not being able to walk a bit more
listening to his heartbeats
gifting some beautiful handmade things
giving away the first love-letter
caught by traffic police
An unplanned really-long drive
feeling his head's weight on me
falling my head on him the moment we entered the car
delicious pasta at ruby tuesday
fitting my hand in his to find way in dark movie-hall
sleeping when the movie went totally boring
watching miss mazumdar dancing and blushing
saying love u and lotsa kisses on cheeks
pulling his cheeks and making him smile
knowing the right way to remove alcohol's odour
pushing back the car-seat upto max