Tuesday 24 April 2007

Associative memory

A chinese person's view : All Indian faces look almost the same..

Isnt it facinating how our brain works.. I remember reading an article about associative memory, which is so beautifully illustrated by this similar faces perception.. Our brain associates new patterns with what it has in store. New faces, new patterns.. When he looks at us, he asociates all of us with an Indian face.. It takes time to register finer patterns of a new race in memory..
And whats more fascinating is the fact our brain doesnot easily get confused with different people, even when we might meet so many new people frequently. This is beacause of this associative memory we have got. And probably not many people know why we have this kind of memory.. This is because of the massive parallel neural network we have inside our head.. The best computer ever made.. When we do memory improving problems, we are making our neurons learn how to associate quickly and to work together in a better possible way.. not a single parallel computer is more efficient than a mere 1% of our brain.. These neurons work together in parallel to compare new patterns and old ones, and provide us back with an instant recognition of a pattern.

Nature always does everything in best possible way.. Nothing beats it!!


  1. Gone bonkers?

    Why this tech talk??!! :o

  2. lol!! whn was i not "bonkers"?? :P and this tech talk was just like that.. a chinese colleague commented and i wrote a post..

    Atleast my every post has got a diff flavour.. :P :P :P

  3. "Atleast my every post has got a diff flavour.. :P :P :P"

    ??? What a delusion!!! :D

  4. :) delusion?? atleast me teri tarah ek comic strip ya ruskin bond stories ke peechhe nahi padi :P :P


  5. "atleast me teri tarah ek comic strip ya ruskin bond stories ke peechhe nahi padi :P :P"

    Nuts!! I like them.. that's why I posted them there. Duff!!