Tuesday 31 May 2011

Vintage fun

Can't believe its my second card in a single day!

Have you ever noticed my answer about my handwriting in the blogger profile? Well, I just thought i'll put up some proof too !  Check out -

 And here's my gibberish handwriting - 
Made this card for  Elizaveta's vintage-inspired challenge running on yvonne's blog! This is the first time i attempted a vintage look, & I think i have managed okay for the first timer..
I wrote some *gibberish* in my diary & used some wet cotton to apply the light brown ink.. & then blow-dried it to get the crumpled-old-look.. then used walnut stain Tim Holtz distress ink on the borders.. I used it on card-borders as well..

ICR challenge 3

ok, so that one was not my last card.. made this one a few minutes back!! :D out of no where i decided to make an orange flower whose tutorial i read sometime back on the ICR forum (using a heart punch) Of all the limited things that i'm carrying with me, hearts punch was the one never used till now! :D

Challenge was to have some handmade embellishments & to use this pic as insipiration - ( My inspiration was the orange flower.. I have never used an orange flower before..)

So, here goes my card -
I have added some quilled loops to give some dimensional balance to the popping-up petals of the flower..
Monday 30 May 2011

yOu ShAkE mY hEaRt

Probably my last card from Belgium! :) Going back home this week.. It was a good trip!! Eager to go home now.. yay!!!

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Aniversary card

Made this card in bits & pieces..The flower was made first, using a tutorial (in french!) to make ribbon roses. I dont have those flat ribbon in colors of a rose, so tried with this pink thread! & lightly inked the outside. Then came the blue cardstock & lightblue paper from papermania.

The silver leaf stickers was bought from mumbai, and the inner backing left from the leaf was used in the flower! Alphas are from Hobby Ideas.

On another note, I am enjoying like crazy.. been to Paris earlier this month.. Disneyland is such a visual treat!! Eiffel tower is well, OK :D looks exactly like its pics!! :D :D

And I'm planning to visit Swiss this coming weekend!! yay!! Its like been on a European honeymoon, with a few days gaps! :)
Monday 2 May 2011

Pink Love

I am posting too soon i guess. never ever before have i posted so frequently!
These are two cards in pink i recently made..

I have used some more pages from the 3-D booklet for this sweetheart card.. And i am seriously short of embellies for my cards now.. I ve realised, itsybitsy has a far more variety & economical value than i have found across all the major craft supplies store here!!