Tuesday 31 May 2011

Vintage fun

Can't believe its my second card in a single day!

Have you ever noticed my answer about my handwriting in the blogger profile? Well, I just thought i'll put up some proof too !  Check out -

 And here's my gibberish handwriting - 
Made this card for  Elizaveta's vintage-inspired challenge running on yvonne's blog! This is the first time i attempted a vintage look, & I think i have managed okay for the first timer..
I wrote some *gibberish* in my diary & used some wet cotton to apply the light brown ink.. & then blow-dried it to get the crumpled-old-look.. then used walnut stain Tim Holtz distress ink on the borders.. I used it on card-borders as well..


  1. Wow! That "gibberish" works well as a background design! Awesome work with the ink!

    Thanks for playing along with my guest Elizaveta's vintage-inspired challenge!

  2. nice card Dolly... gibberish being put to great use... lolzzz...

  3. beautiful card...

    i have a started a blog
    included ur blog link in my sidebar
    pls do have a look at my blog..

  4. i thought that gibberish u talking about was PP... Awesome yaar!!

  5. super cute card!.. love the way you added lace as a banner! ;)
    and OMG for the handwriting!

  6. nice card....congrats.noticed the hand writing- good talent....

    anyway this is my both right & left hand writing from the pc keyboard....ha ha :)

  7. Hey I liked the "Gibberish" idea.. Good for us when we don't have any text background stamp with us...

  8. Great card and lovely background...and i have always admired ambidextrous people.thanks for passing by my blog ...That made me reach you