Saturday 23 February 2013

Six things that made me happy today

Just thought i should give it a go after reading it here. So here goes the list-

1. Took an afternoon nap for a couple of hours.Felt so so so relaxed!! Usually i am completing house chores when my daughter sleeps and so dont get time to sleep in the day myself.. And on weekends, we are usually out somewhere..

2. There were lovely snow flurries *out* of my window.. LOVE to see them from the warmth of my house.

3. Did speed shopping and actually managed to buy things i needed and wanted for me and my daughter. Thanks to my afternoon nap, had only an hour before the shops close!

4. My weekly domestic lady gave me call late evening that she is stuck somewhere and if i wouldn't mind if she comes tomorrow morning. I usually do mind when people change plans at the last minute *on weekends*, but i actually enjoyed her off by using up ALL the hot water and taking a deep long dip! Whats the big deal, well, she wants hot water or wont work, we have timed water heater which works only at nights and my darling daughter doesnot let me take a dip whenever i want. You get the picture :)

5. I baked a cake after a long time. Tried the lemon flavour after eating one in starbucks recently. My cake was only half as good, but the smell of home baked cake is pure bliss.

6. My hubby darling took an off yesterday (for our anniversary), So right now it feels like our  usual 2-day weekend is over. I have to remind myself its sunday tomorrow and everytime i do that, i have to smile :)

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Friday 22 February 2013

Happy Anniversary!

When you are sitting idle on a couch, relaxing, so many thoughts travel through the mind. Sometimes in those lovely moments, you realize how much you have grown and matured. You realize the importance of companionship, of love, of fights, of places traveled, of those laughs you had and all the blessings you have. 

Birthdays are the days i usually introspect these thoughts and thank god for everything i have in my life and how lucky i have been. This year i thought this through on my anniversary as well. I have been married for 5 years now and it seems only yesterday when we started to breathe as a couple. 5 years is not a very long time, but then its significantly long enough time to say, ' have we really spent such a long time together?' :) :) 

I made a really special gift for my husband on our 5th anniversary yesterday.

This is how the box looks from outside - 

The box opens up from front and shows 5 cute little bottles. I bought a box of glass-beads packaged in them, those beads were used way back but these empty bottles remained which are now put to good use!

Some views from inside -

Each bottle has a message on the bottom and some visual details inside. There's chunky glitter on top as well..  Messages i wrote are - 'You hold the key to my heart', 'You are my sunshine', 'You are my lucky star', 'You are my moonlight', 'You are my money bank'.

Details of the charms inside bottles -  

Details of work done on the outside - 

I am entering this in the following challenges -
"Splash of colors" at lulupu 
"Expressions of love" at crafters corner
"How Charming!" at LESSology
"Patterned paper" at itsybitsy

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Thursday 21 February 2013

Very very very special

I am just so stressed these days, trying hard to get a job. Job market here in UK is not too good and i know from friends that it took them about 3-4 months on an average to find a job! I have been trying for 6-7 weeks now, and only given single interview, which in turn might take another month to reply!!

some crafting and a bit of festivities keeping me cheered up in the meantime.. First V-day, then i had my birthday last week, my wedding anniv tomorrow and my daughters first birthday next month! :) I also have this candy running at my blog for her birthday ---

For my anniversary tomorrow, i made this super gorgeous card yesterday, inspired by lulupu's latest challenge - 

Butterfly was made using 5 differeny punches and glitter glued :) background sheet was sent by Piali in patterned paper swaps at swap-central-india last year. I absolutely love how this card has turned out to be..

Entering this card to following challenges -

"Splash of colors" at lulupu 
"Deep in the woods" at kalalayaa
"Expressions of love" at crafters corner

Thursday 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's day!

Its such a beautiful day here today, a little sunshine in otherwise gloomy and cloudy days is so nice to have! I made this cute little card for my husband for the love-day -

Learned this tissue paper scrunching from yvonne, and i absolutely love the effect. I have coloured the background with metallic acrylic colours. I have taken this image from an old book and hand coloured them with watercolor pencils. I know i suck at colouring! but then i had to try! :) There's little glitter glue on flowers as well. I chose this pic since it makes me remember a really old song called eleven roses. It goes something like i am giving you 11 roses, look in the mirror an you'll see the 12th one! :) dont know who sung it though..
Entering this card for the following challenges -

"Deep in the woods" - For the love of crafting
"Expressions of love" - Crafter's corner
"I love to love" - Without words challenge
"Love song" - CASual fridays

 And here's a little sneak peak into something special i am  making for my fifth wedding anniversary next friday - 

I am trying so so hard to get this completed on time since i have to work on it and save it from my husband eyes at the same time! And when i mostly get time to craft when he's looking after Amaira. 

And Would you like to win this super awesome candy? - Details here.
A couple of friends suggested if they can mail the cards to an address in India, so i think I should let you do that. A few friends are visiting us in summers and i am sure they'll bring those lovely wishes along! :) So if you wanted to participate but would like to send a card in India, pop me a mail at miss.kishley on gmail and let me know where you would like to send the card.

And here's my daughter with my hairband! :) It looks so huge on her! 
Saturday 9 February 2013

Sewing ATCs

Hey all,

I recently got my crafter's mojo back! :) And i hope it'll stay for a while now! My daughter is getting smarter by every passing day and its getting easier to craft now. I finished these ATCs in a matter of 3 days, which is a huge huge achievement for me. 
The theme for this month's ATC is 'sewing - real or false' and this is what i made -- 

Gorgeous!! aren't they? :)
And don't you want to win a fabulous box of embellishments?

More details here. I would love it if you could join in! :)