Saturday 28 January 2006


The biggest regret of my life - I dont know how to whistle.. :( in parties, in music nights, and especially at guys... ;)

One more thought

I am in thinking mood today and lady just triggered off one more thought...

I live to live.. live to enjoy.. live to dance.. i have come to this world to celebrate the liveliness.. :) and i'll die becos i lived..there's no truth beyond life..there's no meaning to the aftermath of death..i am right here right now and um glad um living every moment of it..

[30/01/2006 18:47:10]
Another thought..
Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.. I read it somewhere today, dont remember where.. :) maybe newspaper..You can get the most charming dress or the most elegant perfume, but one thing that'll always show is your attitude and your expression..
People dont remember you for your dresses, they remember for how you made them feel.. A smile is all u need to make an impression..
Monday 23 January 2006

***The 8 Things Tag***

Icy-blue has tagged me.. so here it goes...

The rules of the game are:

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

Sex Target : i am straight, so obviously MALE

I look at my Mr.Perfect lover to be:

(1) Clean-shaven(( that is the first n most important quality that my Mr. perfect should have... beards n moustaches are such a huge huge huge turnoff))
(2) One who could make me smile((I tend to be moody n he shd have an ability to make me feel good, even when i feel like crying))
(3) Good in bed n a passionate kisser((NO EXPLANATION NEEDED HERE))
(4) Who loves to travel and will take me along((i love to travel but due to my parent's busy schedule i havent done much of it, so i look upon my beau to fill up the void))
(5) Honest n will not cheat upon me((not even behind my back))
(6) who dances well(( I would like to take salsa classes with him some day))
(7) Intelligent and a good conversationalist(( So that i can talk n discuss abt anything in this universe... like friends))
(8) Ambitious((He shd have a spark in him, to be cntsly improving and to be able to do whatever he wants from life))
i am adding one more...
(9) Who knows how to cookI just hate to cook, and i cant live for long on restaurant's... so my Mr. Perfect u shd be willing to cook or atleast do half of kitchen chores..

Yep, that’s how I see my “him” to be..
Friday 13 January 2006

A bus journey..

i came back from home yday nd i use public bus transport. If you have ever travlled like this then u must be knowing ppl step onto bus to sell somethings.. listen to some excerpts of their advertisements-
First one came to sell Pens: "Bhai saab ye pen hai.. is pen me dekhiye ye refill hota hai ((kuchh aur bhi hota hai kya pen me?)) Is pen ki jo tip hai ye bahut fine quality ki hai, sirf adhe milimeter ki.. aap chahe to likh ke bhi dekh sakte hai.. usse jyda hui to pen aapko free me doonga".. ((how do u measure it is half mm only?))
Second one came to sell Pencil: "suniye shreeman ((every saleman calls ppl by showing respect)) ye dekhiye automatic pencil ((i was curious to see an automatic pencil)) aisi pencil bachho ko bot pasand aayegi.. is pencil ko sharp karne ki zarurat hi nahi.. bas ek sikka nikal kar neeche se wapis daal dijiye aur dekhiye naya sikka aa gaya.. isse achhi automatic pencil aapko kahi nahi milegi.."(( is this really automatic? if we have to change leads then can we call it automatic?? but who listens..))
Now third one stepped on to sell some Children's books: "Suniye sahebaan ((one more respectable word :lol:)) aapke gharo me chhote chhote bachhe to honge hi.. unke liye ye bot badiya kitab laya hoon me.. isko jitna marzi modiye ye mudegi nahi.. iske upar paani bhi dal jaye to ye kharab nahi hogi.. kyunki.. ye plastic illuminated hai.. ((does it light at night?)) iske har page ke upar plastic illumination hai ((oh! u mean lamination..)) aur itni achhi kitab hone par bhi ye bas das rupaye ki hai.."
by this time i was not only bored but irritated.. these ppl sell crap here and advertise for them as if it is the best thing in the world.. i was just abt to say mera sir dard kar raha hai.. and fourth one came to sell balm: "bhai log ((aur behen logo ka kya?)), agar aapka sir dard kar raha ho to ye lijiye.. sab dard ki ek dawa, spcl punjabi balm.. iske ek nahi aur bhi bot kaam hai.. raat ko jab bache ko zukaam ho jaata hai, bacha so nahi pata aur uske saath ma bhi jaagti hai.. us samay ye baam le aur usko laga dijiye.. bache ko chain milega, wo so jayega, saath me maa bhi so jayegi... ma bachhe dono khush.."((bravo! good logic))
There was one more, but i was so bored that i dint listen wat was he selling.. ((Yawn!!!)) At next bus stop, a person boarded the bus and kept the bag below someone else's seat.. it was occupying footspace of one person he said " bhaiya ji zara ise upar ((the overhead space above windows)) rakh dijiye".. reply: " arre sahab bhari bag hai upar rakhne utaarne me der lag jayegi yahi padhe rehne dijiye ((i will not move this bag)).. aap to samajhdar aadmi lagte hai ((thoda buttering kar raha hoon)), kuchh keh thode hi raha hai aapko bag ((dekhiye kitne pyaar se baitha hai))"... "arrey sahab aapka bag bolta thode hi hai jo mujhe kuchh kahega ((eggjactly)), me samajhdaar hoon mujhe pata hai((arre,good hai)), par samajhdar insaan ko bhi takleef hoti hai (( aap samajhte kyu nahi?))"..
Tuesday 10 January 2006

change me? ehh!!

Why does everyone wants evryother person to change??? I wanto change something in everyone around me..
MOM: to scold a little less and worry less..
PAPA: to be more conservationalist..
BROTHER: to be a little more reliable..
MY BEST FREN IN COLLEGE: to giggle a little less and be serious atleast for some of the time..

and this changing fever is not only restricted to myself.. evryone else wants to change something or the the other in evryone..My mom wants me to change into someone more feminine and a homely person.. My papa wants me to marry soon.. My friends want me to speak a li'l less loudly n subtly.. MY best fren wants me to be more patient n cry a li'l less..

Do you wanto to change others too? whom n why?any answers?
Wednesday 4 January 2006

A post.. after a long time..

Its been sometimes since i last posted.. I cant say i dint got time, i actually couldnt think of anything to write.. and i still dont know wat am i going to write here.. by the end of it u might think u wasted your time here reading, well, just nothing.. but i hope i will comeout with something to write..
OK.. so wat do i write now.. arre haan.. abt one of my fren when i was class 2.. (shreyas: so here goes the story).. I had a very good friend in second class.. when our classes started our class teacher made us sit by our roll numbers.. And much to my horror my roll number came with a boy.. can u imagine!! back then we gals used to say these boys are oh-so-not-like-us.. n that they r stupid.. all that child gibberish.. At that time it was an insult!! no less.. to sit with a boy..
See how much we change.. when we become a li'l mature.. in our teens.. who girl in her right minds will think it as an insult to sit with a guy who is very cute.. has hazel eyes and is very soft spoken??
so coming back to my class 2.. we were made to sit together.. but slowly we did become frens.. i dont exactly remember wat we used to do together.. just a hazy pictures of we sharing our lunches..copying each other's homework(we were spoilt since class 2).. learning an english poem for an "oral-test".. discussing something about "bhoot" which were rumoured to roaming in our corridors and bathrooms (( that was actually a very funny incident.. someone said s/he saw a ghost in bathrooom... etc.etc. n some of my classmates were so scared of it that teachers had to remain in classrooms in lunch time too lest they start crying again.. And i was so very curious to see a ghost,that i went to the said bathroom and tried to find it, and maybe talk to it.. to my utter dissapointment.. i found no ghos.. phew.. i came back to class n told no one that i went there.. i was very very very very dissapointed.. i kept dreaming of how that meeting could have gone.. like me asking the ghost to leave my school immediately.. or he taking me with him and i hitting him with some cross n killing him.. so u see the ramsay's zee horror show was making me think like that ))

But one day we fought over lunch.. he said something about my father.. some small tiny-miny abuse.. if someone said that now i would not even have felt it was wrong to say so..i cant exactly remember what it was.. what the heck i remembered it yday.. anyways i made a huge huge huge issue out of it.. complained to my teacher.. told her that he dint said sorry (which he actually did).. i dont know why i behaved like such a b**ch.. i was angry that he said something to my father? or i was just trying to show my power? or i just acted stupidly? i dont remember.. but i deeply regret now what i did.. back then i dint understand what it feels to be humiliated in front of whole class. accused of being called a liar (for saying sorry).. accused of calling someone's father by some name.. i could have simply said i didnt like what u did.. he said sorry.. n end of that.. but it happened otherway round.. i saw him cry, but i dint care.. i saw him leave the class with heavy shoulders.. he was deeply hurt.. i understand know what i did.. he dint come next day.. he dint com the day after.. he never came back.. later our teacher told us he has left school.. i never saw him again after he left the class.. It may not seem a big thing to u all but to a child who is 7-8 yrs old, it meant evrything.. i am so sorry for this.. abhishek if u r reading this and i am sure u remember me, then please contact me.. please.. i wanto say sorry to u.. i have never forgotten that incident..

[04/01/2006 14:48:45]