Thursday 29 September 2011

ATC club

Okay, So now I have joined ATC club UK!! Here's the link..  The theme for this month was 'Shades of Autumn'.. The theme need not be Autumn based, as long as the color palette was formed of those colors..

Here are my entries - Everyone's allowed maximum 5 entries..

1.  2.


4.  5.

Most Supplies from stash. Others -
1. Chunky glitters & vintage garden beads from Pie Lane
2. Flowers from Itsy-Bitsy. Crystal Hearts from A1craft supply.
3. Wooden buttons from Khushboo, Tag was altered from a Thank-you-tag sent by Ujjwal.
4. Die cuts from Jaya, Wooden beads from a broken bracelet, Glitter balls from Pie Lane
5. Star button from Khushboo & crystal stars from A1Craft supply.

Tuesday 27 September 2011

I'm in London!

Hey peeps!! Holla!! After a long time..
I have shifted to London, been about 10 days now ..  I spent about one month in Delhi without my husband, and that really was the worst part ! I was eagerly waiting to join him here & I am so loving the weather in London right now! Its not really chilly & not really warm.. Just the right pleasant weather, n it mostly is covered in clouds with sparse rains here and there.

Other than the weather & having to spend time with my husband, What i am loving about this place is that there's a small study room in my newly rented apartment. Its more like an office cubicle, probably made by the previous owner/landlord to serve as make shift office-at-home.. But it serves my purpose for doing all the crafting work with as much scattered or as neat as i want my work to be.. For the first time since my marriage, I have my own work-table!! :) :)

And well, it took me 3 whole days to look out for a white light here.. People apparently love the yellow bulbs & yellow lights everywhere, there's no concept of tube light either.. I bought several energy-saver bulbs & ordinary CFLs, trying to lay my hands on a white one!! Though i returned them back, I would have already spent a fortune otherwise.. And then, not to forget the really long conversations i had with a lightning store's salesman about what i mean by white.. Those yellow lights are called "warm white" and that's the whitest & the brightest they stock! By my good luck though, my husband, who was getting bored & roaming around in the store, found the white bulb on a highly costly Lampshade!!.. Salesman said, "Well, but that's not white, that's the blue light. Not very popular here, but we do have a few of those".  The cover of that bulb said - 'Daylight bulb',and I really had to curb my desire to show him the word DAYLIGHT & tell him that Hey! even the cover says its not a blue light!

Now I am so eagerly waiting for the cargo to arrive here. The cargo stocks all my crafting supplies, i only have a few basic stuff with me.. So the first thing i made with all the limited supply - I altered this diary cover to make it look a little brighter!

The balloons n silver die cuts are from some RAK i received last year. I got about 2-3 packages n swaps n gifts with some die cuts n these were in one of them. The Bells & birds are from one-pound shop near my house :D. The silver hearts & flowers are from A1-Craft supply.

The end result is really very kiddish, but i like it for the brightness & cuteness!! :D I'm going to use this as my new office diary!

There's another good thing that happened recently, someone contacted me on my blog n sent me a pic of card she cased based on one of my previous posts.. I was touched to realize that your work is loved by someone so much that they cased it n showed them to you.. :) .. She made it for her husband, and she's not a crafter.. :D
So here's Bhawana's work - Alongside the card she cased it on, here's the link to original post.