Tuesday 27 September 2011

I'm in London!

Hey peeps!! Holla!! After a long time..
I have shifted to London, been about 10 days now ..  I spent about one month in Delhi without my husband, and that really was the worst part ! I was eagerly waiting to join him here & I am so loving the weather in London right now! Its not really chilly & not really warm.. Just the right pleasant weather, n it mostly is covered in clouds with sparse rains here and there.

Other than the weather & having to spend time with my husband, What i am loving about this place is that there's a small study room in my newly rented apartment. Its more like an office cubicle, probably made by the previous owner/landlord to serve as make shift office-at-home.. But it serves my purpose for doing all the crafting work with as much scattered or as neat as i want my work to be.. For the first time since my marriage, I have my own work-table!! :) :)

And well, it took me 3 whole days to look out for a white light here.. People apparently love the yellow bulbs & yellow lights everywhere, there's no concept of tube light either.. I bought several energy-saver bulbs & ordinary CFLs, trying to lay my hands on a white one!! Though i returned them back, I would have already spent a fortune otherwise.. And then, not to forget the really long conversations i had with a lightning store's salesman about what i mean by white.. Those yellow lights are called "warm white" and that's the whitest & the brightest they stock! By my good luck though, my husband, who was getting bored & roaming around in the store, found the white bulb on a highly costly Lampshade!!.. Salesman said, "Well, but that's not white, that's the blue light. Not very popular here, but we do have a few of those".  The cover of that bulb said - 'Daylight bulb',and I really had to curb my desire to show him the word DAYLIGHT & tell him that Hey! even the cover says its not a blue light!

Now I am so eagerly waiting for the cargo to arrive here. The cargo stocks all my crafting supplies, i only have a few basic stuff with me.. So the first thing i made with all the limited supply - I altered this diary cover to make it look a little brighter!

The balloons n silver die cuts are from some RAK i received last year. I got about 2-3 packages n swaps n gifts with some die cuts n these were in one of them. The Bells & birds are from one-pound shop near my house :D. The silver hearts & flowers are from A1-Craft supply.

The end result is really very kiddish, but i like it for the brightness & cuteness!! :D I'm going to use this as my new office diary!

There's another good thing that happened recently, someone contacted me on my blog n sent me a pic of card she cased based on one of my previous posts.. I was touched to realize that your work is loved by someone so much that they cased it n showed them to you.. :) .. She made it for her husband, and she's not a crafter.. :D
So here's Bhawana's work - Alongside the card she cased it on, here's the link to original post.


  1. I loved that card too..... I remember how it missed being on TOP 3.... by a vote! :( I was amazed by the neat & crisp look of the card.... And congrats on your new found CRAFT ROOM!!!! Enjoy every bit to the core... Hugs)))

    Ash... :)

  2. Glad you arrived in London safely. How lovely to have a small little nook to call your own! Be safe and share pics of your new space! :)

  3. Congrats on your move! And your new workspace! :) Enjoy your time and here's to discovering new things and to new adventures in London! :)