Wednesday 24 August 2011


:D :D someone just did a gag here, on my blog.. Posted something abt me puking.. Ignore that if it comes in your readin list.. In the meanwhile I'm planning how to kill someone!! :D

And I know I should be posting more often about what I am making these days.. Sadly, I am just not into crafting these days. My mind is off, my heart is jet-lagged & my body is tired.. No Mojo, no enthu & no fun.. Missing my husband a lot! He's in another part of the world right now! :( & I'll be able to join him in about 3.5 weeks from today! I'm counting days!!

I made some notecards though, for the indianstampers friendship day event.. Have not taken photos though to share with you all..


  1. Hehe..
    Miss your crafting!.. Hope to see you back in action soon! :)

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