Wednesday 10 November 2010

October Mayhem

This whole month has went away in mayhem..  If I was happily crafting every weekends in september, I couldnot get a single relaxed day to craft in october.
To summarize - 
I ran around & around the tailors.
I did too many round trips to my mum's house.
I visited a lot of shops to arrange stuff for my bro's engagement party.
I attended a lot of card parties and lost money in ALL of them, no exceptions.
I hosted a Diwali dinner party for relatives.
I ate a lot of sweets & gained a couple of pounds.
Had a gala time doing all this though i do feel real tired now. Up side to all of this, I'm going for a week long vacation to Malaysia, starting next Monday. Tuesday being my darling hubby's birthday. I hope i dont lose too much in Genting Casinos, going by my losing streak this year.
And this time, i'm glad i don't have office work to complete before i leave, so I'll be doing some pre-vacation shopping. I have decided to snip my oldie boot-cut jeans into shorts. I get a way to use those otherwise dumped jeans and i save money on new shorts :D Recycling rocks!

And though Crafty-JC challenge is not up till yet for this month, I made this card as DT for this month. I made this for "Ethnic Indian" theme and gifted it to my mum. She always loves my handmade stuff :)

This is the quickest card I've ever made, I ripped off 4 wedding invites for this one. Indian wedding invites are undoubtedly the best source for ethnic stuff!!
I hope you had a wonderful Diwali!
And, I'll be back & active after my vacation. BTW, is Malaysia a good place for buying any craft supplies? I'll be visintg Genting, KL & Langkawi..