Monday 2 July 2007

Ring ceremony

My goodness!! Ring ceremony is such a hotch potch affair.. cartoon se tayyar ho jao, khoob saara makeup laga ke.. then walk dead slow from gate to the altar.. walk FAST and people around pull u back.. If u still dont walk slow, there's the damn photographer.. He'll keep on muttering, "Walk slow", "Look to the right", "look a little down".. eeewks!! And not to mention everyone looking at you.. Even the known ones look at me like they are seeing me for the first time in their life..
And when i reached the altar, I thought all i'll have to do is sit comfortably and smile.. But people were so eager to come on stage give their blessings and leave jaldi se.. total dum ghontu experience..
Dance was good.. We did salsa together :) I enjoyed a lot while dancing, which i always do, but that photographer was pissed off cos my make-up would get spoiled. But anyways he couldnt stop me :) Best part was the number of compliments we got later for pretty good dancing..
Then there was photosession.. We posed in all those poses, our parents stood in their wedding.. I laughed so much.. generally photographer has to say that please smile a little, our photographer said please laugh a little less.. :)
Then we had dinner and the eve got over.. I pretty much liked it :)