Tuesday 31 May 2011

ICR challenge 3

ok, so that one was not my last card.. made this one a few minutes back!! :D out of no where i decided to make an orange flower whose tutorial i read sometime back on the ICR forum (using a heart punch) Of all the limited things that i'm carrying with me, hearts punch was the one never used till now! :D

Challenge was to have some handmade embellishments & to use this pic as insipiration - ( My inspiration was the orange flower.. I have never used an orange flower before..)

So, here goes my card -
I have added some quilled loops to give some dimensional balance to the popping-up petals of the flower..


  1. thats real cute!! the flower looks gorgeous :)

  2. Oh good you have used my flat folding 3 D flower tutorial. Looks good with the patterned paper.

  3. Sonia: Yup! I'm so so glad you took time to share the tute for this.. The flower turned out really well.. I've added the link to the tute in my blog too.. Couldn't find it back in the forum!! :)

  4. this is great.. Awesome really...

  5. wow!.. love the dhin-chak colours and the cute embellishment! :)