Monday 2 April 2007

my first date after officially getting engaged

walking hand in hand
fights over seatbelts
car-insurance lost
drinking breezer and feeling light headed
adding more to my earring collection
carrying his wallet, with permission to use it as much i want
reading sms
no-smoking zone
the namesake
resting my head on his shoulders throughout the movie
snatching away my hand when lights went on
not being able to walk a bit more
listening to his heartbeats
gifting some beautiful handmade things
giving away the first love-letter
caught by traffic police
An unplanned really-long drive
feeling his head's weight on me
falling my head on him the moment we entered the car
delicious pasta at ruby tuesday
fitting my hand in his to find way in dark movie-hall
sleeping when the movie went totally boring
watching miss mazumdar dancing and blushing
saying love u and lotsa kisses on cheeks
pulling his cheeks and making him smile
knowing the right way to remove alcohol's odour
pushing back the car-seat upto max


  1. nice.....keep enjoying the time lady :)

  2. Hello! Where r u?

    Very busy?

  3. deeps : I'm enjoying this time like anything :)

    Nayan: me yahi pe hun :) gtalk blocked @ office :( very to nahi, par thodi busy hoti hun office me..