Friday 28 February 2014


Well, my efforts at clicking a photo everyday have flopped.. While i religiously clicked the photos in January, I just forgot about my little project by the first week of Feb.. I think the issue was that i wasn't getting time to upload the pics online and so the excitement just fizzled out!!

:D Some other year maybe then!! :) In the mean time, I am BACK to crafting!!! yay!! I got a new craft room in my newly rented house (well, it has been nearly 6 months now, though i got time to sort out the room only last month).. I made a calendar in January, some anniversary cards last week and i am trying a new technique using Glitter with stamped images using the glue-pad... I thoroughly was inspired by lulupu's current challenge. So far, the results have been mixed, will share my card sometime over the weekend even though it might not qualify challenge dealines! :)

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