Monday 7 June 2010

My April ATC

April ATCs-

Theme for this month was Beat the heat with 'Summer treats'

1. I scream Icecream
I used Pop-Corn Pens for the icecream.. Gives great 3D texture :D

2. YUM

Used Quiling strips & my paper crimper for this. And letters are from a 3D sticker sheet.

Waiting to receive the swaps..


  1. wow!.. cute!!.. hey wt are popcorn pens??.. also, plz send me ur email id.. i dun have it.. :)

  2. hey what are popcorn pens? never heard of them. both the ATCs are super cool.

  3. I got these Popcorn Pens from Reynolds Write-Site shoppe. I use them as normal gel pens, then heat it using blow-drier. All the ink starts to pop-out giving a nice 3-D effect :D

    They were from their brand ARTOONS, a set of 12 pens. 4 Pop corn pens, 4 embossing pens and 4 Web-effect pens. All awesome stuff.

  4. Lovely works dear.
    Thanku for visiting my blog.
    U can get those sticks from Old Delhi.

  5. Love the 3-d effects..had seen the pen..didn't know what it was for! Love the crimped lollies..
    and girl, please send me your email id at tejal2210(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

  6. So cute!I'm so gonna get some popcorn pens!