Monday 21 June 2010

Go Green

I made this green Birthday card this weekend..  Have used green colour for the first time. Somehow always felt this is not the right colour for a card. I took out this colour only cos it went well with the flower-plants-paper.. Bought it from Archies some time back.

And i'm not too dissapointed with the color scheme :)

And i also got a chance to use the Green "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".. I have a lot of Green & Blue "Happy Birthdays" left, since mostly i use other reds, pinks & goldens from the assorted pack :D

So, supplies from -
Flower pot pattern - Archies gift wrap.
Roses on Sticks - Cheap Jack, Mumbai.
Green gemstones, Golden ribbon, Brown button - kinari bazar, Chandni Chowk.
Web-pen from Artoons, Reynolds for faux stitching..
Flower Stamp - Staples, Noida.
Green Stamp-pad - Idee, Berlin.

The artoons webber pen is a real gem, makes it so easy  to do the faux stitching. This pen keeps the ink flowing even when it is not writing, so i just keep using the pen to make dots, and the in-between line is auto-drawn. :D But yeah i used it for the first time and need to make it a little more neat. Practice! :)


  1. such a cute card!.. i love green on this card!.. and the toothpicks are adorable.. i have the same with seashells, flowers and pom poms on.. maybe i shud start using them! ;)

  2. What a fun and colourful card! The green looks great! :)

  3. Very cute!! Pretty colors too.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.


  4. It looks very nice, the green is so refreshing! :)

  5. Looks great. Such a cute card :)