Tuesday 15 June 2010


Theme for May's ATC on ATC Blog this time was "Anything but a Rectangle".

Here are my entries -

1. Stiletto
I made this in a hurry hence the simple look. I wanted to make something ornate, but then, loved this one too. The Paper is actually from a wedding invite.. I so totally loved the golden sparkle. The flower & that tiny winy ribbon is from my stash.

2. Circle of Life 
Well, A friend of mine,Jaspreet Bhambra, sold/auctioned her paintings to raise funds for an NGO working towards Child rights and education. One particular painting was made together with her 5 year old nephew, Arnav Bhambra, who wanted to help in this initiative. He wanted to help in making the paintings so that they can be adopted to raise money for, in his own words, "kids who do not have anything and can't go to school, or buy paints, or colors, or books, and pencils...."

So this painting is the inspiration behind my 2nd ATC, and there are two of these ATCs because I sent one to Arnav along with the ATC swap hostess.On having a look at what the hostess received, i was a bit disheartened for the crumpled quilled center. Here's the pic which hostess posted.. :(  And i have no idea in what state has Arnav received the ATC, that being sent in another country altogether.


  1. Very true I received my May ATC swaps to day & both were damaged.... The frock has a crack in the center may be because it bore a fold by someone cruel..... & the other had few loose elements literally falling off.... Sad! with all the passion during its making, we are unable to save it from being damaged.....


  2. @Ash.. Yeah, the damage cannot be avoided in such transits sometimes.. I always put a "PLEASE DO NOT FOLD" on all the envelopes. Me & my friens have been following this practice since long & have never received a card folded or creased.
    & yes, i received an ATC for March with buttons falling off it, I re-pasted them :D

  3. Both the ATC's look great. :)
    Thanks for sharing and also for sending "Circle of Life" across to Arnav. :)

  4. Oh what a meaningful ATC with all the little hands! :)

    Love the gold stiletto too! :)

  5. Love the stiletto..superb idea..and love the idea of the hands..

    @Ash: horrified that something made with so much patience goes through torture through the hands of the postal dep. My ATC's arrived, thankfully they were not layered so no damage to them, but the envelopes were so dirty like they'd been trashed on the floor!