Tuesday 19 June 2007

Is it ME you are talking about?

Everyone sees what they want to see.. I am being seen as a daughter, a sister, a would-be wife, a woman.
I have no problems being seen in different roles, but why does it happens sometimes that people forget that i am an individual first and that i might have my own say in issues relating closely to myself?


  1. I know where you are coming from...

    God bless !!!

  2. Ppl will always think whatever they want to. Its upto u - whether u want urself to be affected by them or not.

    June is almost gone.. I don't think u r coming here.. :-/

  3. OM.. :) i know that too!! but even then i wrote these lines..

    nayan.. yaar.. yahi to, ppl always keep telling!! vaise mein july me aa rahi hun..

  4. Ab main kya bolun yaar ...
    to-be-wife chodke mere saath bhi wahi ho raha hai!