Tuesday 27 April 2010

Mumbai Trip - part ONE

Had a wonderful trip to Mumbai last week. This lovely & much needed break turned out to be an adventurous one.
We spent 2 days in Mumbai and the day i stepped out of my plane, i developed a sincere dislike towards unbearably humid weather. So finally ended up with a lot of time at home(my sis-in-law's) itself, within the comforts of AC. The good thing being, I visited a few craft stores in Mumbai and bought a LOT of nice stuff. My next post def would be about what all i got. I loved a store called 'Cheap Jack' for the amazing collection of buttons and 'Hobby Ideas' for stuff not easily available anywhere else in India.
We went to a museum called 'The Monetary Museum' by RBI. There are so many coins on display, from ancient India to modern times. Loved going through them, I don't remember much of it though. It was mesmerizing to know what different Indian rulers did to make their own 'style statement' when it comes to their dynasty/kingdom's Coins.And there's a place called Khau gali just opposite to this museum, It had amazing indian street food. The Bhelpuri was among the best ones, and i think this is what famous mumbaiya bhelpuri really is. The ones we get on Mumbai-beaches now is just rubbish in comparison. I always took a plate of Bhelpuri on beaches & ended up wondering, 'what's so special anyways?' .
Then we went to a the famous Prithvi theatre and watched 'Munshi ji ki gudgudiyan'. A play made from 4 stories written by famous Hindi short-story-writer Munshi Premchand. Loved the first two stories and somewhat liked the 3rd one. Last one was boring beyond comprehension. And I did saw 2 TV personalities amongst the handful of audiences the play had. One being Bumpy from MTV Roadies production team, he was there with a chinki girl, who, i recall, is also from Roadies Crew. I dont know the name of second guy. :D
The next two an a half days were spent in Matheran.

-- To Be Continued --


  1. Nice!! The weather here sure is really bad now... :-( Heard a lot about Cheapjack from many people (non-crafters too)... really worth a visit you think?

    Enjoy your craft goodies!!


  2. CheapJack is overloaded with ribbons/zari/laces and buttons. I din buy laces/ribbons from there cos they r available amply in Delhi's Kinari Bazar. Some buttons were more like cute embellishments than real ones.
    I think it really is worth a visit. It closes for lunch from 2 to 3. And funny thing being, it has haording of Fevicryl Hobby Ideas :D.

  3. Thanks! :-) I have been scouring the whole of Mumbai for anything crafty... I might as well make a trip there too ;-) There is a lace market near my place (PLUS I just raided my mom's craft cupboard recently) but I sure would like to have a look. ;-) Bandra isn't far from my house so maybe soon...

  4. Thanks for your comment... Bangles were a sudden spark of imagination.I'm glad you liked it...