Tuesday 13 July 2010

Iris Love

I wanted to try this Iris fold since i saw it in a book. This resembles Iris of a camera. The pic is not too good, clicked it in lesser light and later tweaked the pic using software.
I am not a challanges person, but did this for Yvonne Yam's atleast 3 Patterned Paper challenge. I dont think i would have tried this without being inspired by her challenge :)
I thought it'll be simple, but is not. I got this fold right on second try, and my husband was kept awake till late night while i made this. :D

Supplies - 
Carstock - local stationer
Patterned papers - Archies
Alpha-beads - itsybitsy
Crepe ribbon - Idee


  1. The card is super cute :)
    Loved the colours and the effect that the card leaves u with...

    Loved the ribbon too...

  2. Wow! Love the Iris fold...something I've always wanted to try! It looks hard though!

    A really beautiful card Kishley! Thanks for playing along! :)

  3. wow!.. i have always wanted to do that too!.. now you have inspired me!.. i am surely gonna try that! :D
    P.S. LOOVE ur card! :D

  4. Gorgeous card!!! Love all the PP!! I've not had a very successful attempt at Iris folding yet ;-) Will try again some time!

    Thank you for always stopping by my blog. I try to reply to your comment and then put it off since your mail id doesn't appear in my mail... and then.. of course, I forget! :-(


  5. :) Thanks for the appreciation!!

    @Smita: never mind!! I generally myself forget to check out replies and comments too!!

  6. WOW...excellent way to showcase different papers!!!! Love your take to the patterned paper challenge!!! Thanks sooo much for playing along over on Yvonne's blog!

  7. Wow, so cute, loved the iris fold. Super beautiful card :)

  8. wow... dats really really neat dolly... love hw its turned out and love all the PPs...

  9. It looks cute... Loved the pattern & the papers.... Very beautiful... :)


  10. Kishley!!

    You have outdone it again! Its so beautiful. I could never think of trying iris fold cz i feel it wld take me hours :|. Your card looks fab and am sure ur hubby be happy after being kept awake for so long :)

    Am speechless!!!


  11. You are only getting better!!!

    love this!

  12. Oh My Gosh!!! So many lovely & kind comments!! I'm sooo floored right now!!

    Thanks guys for the Love :)

  13. Card conveyed the feelings :)

  14. This is beautiful. Love the purple-violet! :)

  15. Very nice..nice papers!

    and yes the men folk always suffer in our hobby!!! Thankfully mine and yours don't complain! Lucky girls us, eh?