Monday 26 July 2010

Life is passing by in a blink!

I have been so so so busy this week that now i feel 'is it really possible to be that busy?'. I am going to a small vacation, will be visitng Vaishno Devi and Dharamshala, starting tomorrow and will be back on weekend.
That break from work should be look forward to and I should be happy from excitement!! But I'm so so overworked that coudnt feel that excitement in my ears :( I was asked to complete some work before i go and that meant hours of exhaustion and i also worked last saturday & sunday for it!!

The little time i had in between went into quickly going through malls & shops to get some new clothes for the trip. I hate it when i have to do this hurried shopping. That usually means i have bought a pair of jeans with not an awesome fitting, i could have got better at next shop. And i got no chance to buy a pair of new shoes!! And I did not buy some matching junk jewelery with those new tunics! Ahhh!!

So to sum it up, i did not get a chance this time around to enjoy the pre-trip luxuries and the time to build up that excitement!! :) But then, i am going tomorrow early morning , 'yay!' for that :)

I did make 2 cards this week plus i tried roses from a heart punch, read it from Anita's tutorial here. I just have been so busy (cribbing again!) that i din get time to pick up my camera & click them... I'll upload them after coming back!


  1. Bummer about not having time to prepare for a trip...But think on the bright side, you're on vacation! Enjoy! :)

  2. Wow, have lots of lots of fun :)

  3. I don't know why it is so, but every time one has to go away on a vacation or time off, the work just swamps you no end to the extent that it kills the excitement. I have had to take work with me most of the times when on vacation!

    Have a great time. Pay my obeisance at Vaishno Devi.

  4. :) Had loads of fun there!! updates coming soon! :)

    @Jas: :O Taking work to vacations!! I was angry on my hubby for doing that when he got free WiFi in the hotel :(

  5. Hey Kishley, have fun on ur vacation. Those are two beautiful places to visit!! Enjoy to the fullest!!

    Thanks a ton for all the wonderful wishes!!