Monday 20 September 2010

No card yet again!

Yeah, i know i was supposed to post the pics of all the cards i made last week but i have become such a lazy bum, i have not yet taken out my camera to click them. I have atleast 3 reasons to give as an excuse :D but i know i also had loads of time when i could have done that.

Last week went in a tizzy. Its raining like cats and dogs here in Delhi, so much so that all my parents generation have only one thing to say, " I am witnessing this much rain in Delhi for the first time in my life". :D 
Though i just LOVE rains,  I hate the chaos it causes. Most of the roads are pot-holed with a lot of water-logging everywhere. Which invariably has pushed my travelling time to about 4-5 hours daily. :(

And my parents hosted a dinner to our Great Big Indian Family. Three generations together after a long time & what a lovely chaotic evening that was! Loads of laughter and cheers! And since i was the unofficial assistant hostess to my mom, I ended up running from room to room, for various little things! I got to catch up with a cousin whom i met after 2 long years, and realised, OMG, My nieces have grown so much!! I was having so much fun that my hubby had to literally drag me out at 1 am, reminding me we have office tomorrow! I slept around 2am, woke up at 6:30 and reached office sharp at 9. And its really becoming difficult to stay awake right now :D

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