Friday 24 September 2010


I was so inspired by Marit's Challenge on yyam's blog, that even thought it has been ages since i last made a collage, i wanted to make one.. Here's the Challenge link.

I know i could have done better than this, but today is the last day of submission and i was kind of wary of re-doing everything to get it right.

Title: Looks can deceive you

 The lady picture is from some catalog for sculptures. That's why i have three perspectives of the same piece. The other tidbits of paper are from same catalog. I have done the background from Sketch pens , some crayons and a golden Artoons Pen.

 Now, That one was from the challenge. I made another one while i was at making collages :D Took a while to collect the words from magazines. The most tough was to find "HAND".. And i originally had the quote "With the Touch of her hand, This world SPRANG to life" I had one in million chance of finding that word in the magazines i read.. So, here's my another take on the collage-making -

Title: With her Touch 


  1. Oh WOW! Thanks so much for playing!!! LOVE both your collages. I collect words and alphas from magazines all the time... it's fun to collage with it! (You can cut out the letters and form the words with that, if you can't find the right word. It's easier that way)LOVE the colours on both art pieces! Gorgeous!

  2. absolutely loved both of them... loved the concept of the 2nd...

  3. Oh My God, Dolly!! These are really works of art :-) I loved them both...

    I tried making a collage 2 days back... he he... but I restricted to making it like a story for my son. :D

  4. i like the second one a lot,beautiful:)

  5. Oh these are awesome collages Kishley! Especially the second the journaling and that hand....:)A work of art indeed! :)

    Thank you so much for playing!!! :)

  6. this is so nice...i loved bth the collages...

  7. wow!.. both of them look awesome!.. really awesome! :D

  8. Hi Kishley!

    Thanks for joining in the challenge! Marit wants to send you a little something for your support...isn't she the sweetest? So please email me your mailing details!