Monday 13 September 2010

No card, just ramblings of my happy mind!

My in-laws were out of Delhi for most part of the weekend.
So what did i do? Well, I took out all my craft supplies, put them up on our dining table and started crafting. I made a few cards on saturday.  I don't have a work-desk in my room and i usually take stuff i need from my drawer, use them & keep them back. Most of the times i get lazy and leave things in middle, thinking 'will complete it later'.
I so so so loved the whole process of arranging my stuff on the table & having everything at a hand away... My mum-in-law is a cleanliness fanatic and would have freaked out if i had put all my stuff on the dining table in her presence :D (Usually its my husband who freaks out when our bedroom is in a mess)
I found my other camera yesterday and will put up the pics soon.
And a friend of my hubby got a set of punches. One of them being simple flower one. I created some lovely blooms by stacking the punch cut-outs..
But to my disheartening, two of my punches refused to work :( They were working all right last time. I felt bad  to see my hearts punch & my new butterfly punch going worthless. 
Then, I also left two projects unfinished. One from the CraftyJC's Second challenge and another one a collage for yvonne's guest blogger. Both of them seem to be turning up well, though i left them halfway since my mind stopped working after making 4-5 cards that day :D Am going to complete them soon..


  1. waiting for the pics now. lucky u...i find it almost impossible to get some time like tht :P

  2. I think you can try punching the difficult punches on sand paper (thin Type) as it sharpens the edges.

  3. totally agree... therez nothing like spreading out your stuff like therez no one watching and make a mess of the space and then work at yr convenience :) bt its just dat its seldom dat one can take dat liberty...

    bt dats wow girl... 4-5 cards!!! wowww!!! waiting to see each one of them...

    btw, try punching foil paper(the one in which u wrap food)... its makes the punch crispier and sharper...

  4. Looking forward to all of them Dolly..... Bring them soon for us..... :) I know with these limited supplies, something refuses to work, then it leaves us feeling hurt... But the show must go on, is it not? Hugs))))


  5. put up the pics soon...cant wait to c what u have created

  6. It is really hard to be neat when it comes to use a retractable desk so I do have to clear everything by the end of the session...otherwise I have no place to walk!

    P/s: Napkin art is basically cutting out the patterns on those printed napkins and then adhering them to your project using glue/gel medium! :)