Monday 16 August 2010

My firsts

Amy is having a  FlashBack Friday in which we have to post our first card we posted on our blogs. I started blogging about my card pretty recently, though i have been making cards since as long as i remember.
The first card i posted on my blog was this -

Just on another note, this is something i made a long long time ago - That small tile on right says princess.
  Sorry for the bad light & the top of the card is also trimmed.. clicked this when i probably din know how to click a pic properly.

And this is something I made when i started working & wanted something on my cubicle's pinboard. :D - This card is important cos this is from where my quest for newer materials & styles kicked in. I bought my first designer (curvy) scissor for this, and did some embossing using fork & kitchen roller here.  

And i realise that i used to make these human figures a lot before.. I probably have not made a single such figurine recently. Maybe i should try it once more!


  1. wow!.. you were soo talented from teh beginning.. you'll die laughing when you see my card..
    aww.. the time is soo cute.. and i rly love how each project we make have some memory attached to it! :)

  2. i love ur first card,so nice and ethnic:))

  3. So pretty! Talented right from the start.... i know how the first creation gives u the kick to try new stuff! lovely cards :)

  4. You should make those figurines again...its like re-discovering a part of yourself..and there is nothing compared to it..

  5. :) Beautiful cards.
    I like the figurines that you made. You should make them more often.

  6. yahooo...thanks sooo much for playing along in my Flashback Friday challenge!!! I love your projects....soooo fabulous!!!! Isn't it fun to look back? it's fun to remember about the projects and the memories linked to them...thanks sooo much for playing along!!

  7. Love all of your projects. It's fun to take a look back at the older projects we've done.