Friday 6 August 2010

Another Love card.

Hey guys, I've been so so busy lately. Thankfully my grandPa's Surgery went well, we got him home yesterday. Considering he is 82, recovery is not going to be too fast i guess. The doc has suggested about 3 months.
Also, I'm not really getting time to read blogs or update them, i'll be back n active as soon as i can.

Today's card also was made before i went for my vacations, simple n cute :)

Sentiment is printed and then coloured with faber-castle colour pencils.I used a pink sticker on top of foam heart.

Supplies - 

Cardstock & heart stickers - local stationer
Ribbon - cheap Jack
Foam heart - ItsyBitsy
Patterned paper - Archies


  1. Super cute.. :) I too have used this paper extensively...its soooo gorgeous :)

    The card has come out so well... !
    Great yaar..!Hope your grandpa gets well soon...

  2. very pretty card, love the colors, hope your grandpa get better soon

  3. Rly cute card!.. love the hearts!.. great news about your granddad! :)

  4. lovely card and hope hope your grand pa recovers fast.

  5. Such a pretty card. :)
    Best wishes for your Grand Pa's speedy recovery.

  6. Very pretty card!I love all the different PPs you've used and the lace too!

  7. Awesome card dear,Love the sentiment along with heart sticker.Which Archies has such nice pattern papers in Delhi? I want to buy,Tell me?
    Hope ur grandpa gets well soon.
    Thanku for ur sweet comment on my card.

  8. Hey Kishley!Fact is I down own a printer he he..I get it printed by a guy not very near my place but he's good..the site I have linked has some lovely could try them sometime!

  9. Hey Thanks dear 4 ur information.

  10. yeah you are right!! Its cute and simple.

    Hope your grandpa is on the road to fast recovery!!

    Lots of prayers for him!!