Friday 31 March 2006

Swimming lessons..

I have recently started going to swimming class n its so much fun.. :) um really enjoying them.. Its been 4 days till now..
1st day was really stupid,We were asked to walk around the pool to get the feel of water.. and then learned to make bubbles in the water.. breath in.. dip into water n breathe out.. thats it..

2nd day we learned to float with wall as support..

3rd day we floated with a small boat into the water.. then did it without any support..

4th day we learned to kick legs.. first with wall, then with boat and finally without anything.. and it gave me such a high.. i am in water kicking legs n without anything.. :) now those whi know swimming will know that by kicking legs you dont go forward... that will come later with arm movements.. but nonetheless i am so very excited about this whole swimming affair that i cant hide my excitement that i am finally learning how to swim.. :)

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