Sunday 26 March 2006

Shooting star

She lay on her back, facing the vast, dark, moonless sky. Watching the stars, numerous of them. There were two more stars tonight lying peacefulle on her cheekbones, just below her eyes. Their sparkle was more enticing than the pole star's itself.

In that lifeless night, she was not there to compete with stars for the brightest twinkle. She was waiting for a shooting star. She knew, then, her wish will come true. She desperately wanted to make a wish tonite. She was so desperate that she forgot to blink her eyes, leaving no chance to miss the shooting star's heavenly tail.

I am telling you a secret now, she wont see that shooting star tonight, because her wish is destined not to come true. For what she desires will never come to her. There are things in life, which you have to learn to live without. You have to bow your head and accept the things as they are. The sooner she realizes that, the happier she will be.

Will you ask her to let go of her desire? Will you ask her to accept the things as they are? I am only asking you to do this because i dont have courage enough to ask her myself. I dont think i'll manage to see her heart broken again. I dont think i'll stand there to see her tears again. I dont think i can bear her eyes on me, very still, with questions i wont be able to answer. I dont think i will be able to wipe her tears without having them myself.

I am her MIND.

A POEM i wrote before i wrote the above peice...

My heart is desperate
to get something,
MY mind already knows
I will get nothing.

Heart holds onto
a tiny ray of hope,
Mind doesnt care, for it knows
the difference between twig & rope.

Heart feels, cries,
emotes, wants, sympathise,
Mind sees only logic and reason
the only way to remain wise.

Heart always get hurt
time and time again,
Mind always gains experience
never feels the pain.

Now time's bidding
soon, one will outwin other,
and i'll rest in peace
with no confusions further..

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