Sunday 5 March 2006

Pleasures of life :)

Yesterday i spent a lot of time in garden n i was so happy after that...
walking barefoot on grass while chatting with frens... gossiping about others in our hostel.. :) some girl has got a new boyfriend.. a girl is so obnoxious... and how we have got stuck in this place.. so much of work to do.. we would have been better in doing a job.. how much we miss our homes.. mum used to do this and that.. yummy food.. soft bed.. airconditioned rooms ;)

But real pleasure was not in talking :) it was in walking bare feet on grass.. i did this after such a long time... grass was a bit wet.. we usually went to garden and sat there.. yday we kept our sandals aside n started walking round n round in the garden.. when we sat i was still playing with grass with my toe fingers.. i had fallen in luv with the touch of wet grass.. and the smell of earth at that time... oh i miss my home so much.. when my papa waters the 20-something plants in our home, this is the smell of that.. :( i am going home this weekend though :)

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