Friday 10 March 2006

blah blah blah...

sorry guys for coming on my blog after quite a while.. my internet here sucks.. i couldnt surf the web for last 2 days.. :( i heard the server has crashed here.. and the network administrators here have become so crazy.. they have put rules for blocking anysite that contains "girl" in its name... so i cant open keshi's blog now.. and some other like "".. i couldnt even make a google search on "girl problems".. n yday i heard some biotech students complaining they cant search for some biological terms either.. like breast cancer..

And recently i started going to a new aerobics class in our campus.. its gud.. :) n now i dont feel guilty after having an icecream after lunch.. I attended an aerobics class back home.. n yday i got so excited.. itne josh se kiya meine.. that my calf muscles started aching like hell.. n i did lot of cycling yday in going back n forth to various places, due to some work/assignments i had to complete before i left for home.. so lower leg has swollen n is like a stone now.. cant walk without that little slump now... :( my mom will say kya tooti-footi halat mein aayi hai.. lol.. vaise the only thing gud abt yday was the weather.. lotsa clouds.. little dribblings too.. n no sun :) it was sooo romantic weather, only i didnot had a romantic partner with me.. :)

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