Monday 20 March 2006

beat this...

I am home again.. n this time for a week :) (now those who cant be at their homes.. dont feel jealous :P) My bus journeys are always the one to write abt.. my most memorable one so far happened this time.. we were abt 8 ppl from our coll, all going to delhi n all met at the bus station itself.. we played dumb cherades n antakshari on the way.. dumb charades is as always so much fun.. the opponent team was no doubt better than us.. they even cracked movies like "OOPS!" and "Zinda".. we lost by 2 movis.. :(( we cdnt crack "rudali" and "changez khan".. the person who was enacting changez khan was stuck on tellin us about khan.. nd thrugh sher... sher khan.. ab use khana khane se khan karna chahiye tha na... :( and in case of rudali it was worse.. we had decided to give this movie to opponent but they gave it to us before.. :(.. one person thought she is saying this movie but didnt said it aloud cos he thought we r givin it next time so shd utter it.. lol..
antakshari was so much fun.. in a public bus we are shrieking and shouting and making so much noise.. i wonder why dint anyone asked us to stop.. :) a few ppl who were irritated did sat farthest from us... but didnt asked us to stop... :)
And as always a bus journey cant be complete without a few interesting ppl..A very old chap bought his hukka with him and smoked through all the journey.. towards the end of journey ( after we entered delhi) got into bus and started singing bhajans in his pathetic voice... ( i guess we dint sing like that wen playing antakshari.. :)) though why was he singing became clear wen he started asking for money.. novel ways of begging.. he was a young boy nd if he wd just start doing some work,um sure he cd have earned much more... sometimes i wonder why do ppl give these ppl anything? there would be no beggars if no one was giving them anything..

hey btw can anyone help me?? my blog seems a li'l odd in 800X600 resolution,, the middle post part is very squeezed here.. i tried to give a fixed size to the centre part but then the right column got shifted to the bottom left side.. and moreover the pics i post are of length suitable to higher resolution.. on 800X600 the pics overlap over right column.. can anyone tell me how to fix these probs?? is there a way to make alterations so that my page has fixed width and at lower resolution i can slide the lower slider to view the right part of the page?

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