Wednesday 8 February 2006


I recently read an article about superstitions (despite my very very busy schedule, i manage to read somethings :) ) People go to every length to avoid something they think is not shubh(auspicious). Even my mom is a bit superstituous, actually a lot. Like giving Re.1/- with any shagun(gifts in cash). why? because its not shubh to give money with 0s in the end...!!! She gives away coins on saturday to keep shani devta happy. i wonder wat that person does with all these coins, offers them to some god or spend them on his food and liquor. I have seen many ppl turning their backs if a black cat, or sometimes any cat, cross their ways. Now a cat is a mere animal not sent by some evil to cast off bad luck upon you. And i hate it most when people matching kundalis prior to a marriage, as if kundali-marriages dont have their share of problems, problems come in all phases of life but u cant blame ur partner for bringing bad luck.. Then people consults pandits for muhurats to start something. Arre every time is as good..And one fav of my neighourhood aunty- dont wash your hair on thursday; I even have had a fight with her. Due to my workout schedules (thursday off) i always make it a point to wash my hair that day, and she never forgets to comment "aaj to thuursday hai baal kyu dhoye".. and she doesnt even knows the reason why she doesnt wash her hair on that day..

A few more weirdo superstitions.. like a child born with teeth will become extremely selfish. A crow cawing on your roof top means a guest is coming, how many times guests actually came is really very ridiculous. And then a friend of mine crosses her fingers before her results are about to come..Then giving curd or sugar before going out of the house for some work.. or calling a person behind his back when he is about to leave is not good for the work due to which he is about to leave.

One of my mom's weirdest superstitous is not to sweep the floor atleast till 10 minutes after my papa leaves for his office.. ah.. if i start writing her all superstitions then probably this space is going to fall short.. so i stop here..

My views:-
I think all this is sheer stupidity.. if there is some reason behind doing or not doing something i do it, even though that is considered superstition. No reason behind something = It is not done by me... as simple as that..

I found a page on superstitions.. interesting read.. click here


  1. Hey,

    A very nice blog indeed. It's so refreshing to find someone question the logic behind all these senseless superstitions.

    Bravo to you! And here's looking forward to more 'truly' educated and enlightened people like you.

    As they say, small drops make an ocean.

    Spread the awareness girl!