Tuesday 28 February 2006

sini ne..

Well the title of this post is not, in any way, related to wat i am going to write now.. it just happened to be the song i am hearing right now.. luv this song.. does anyone knows the maning of these turkish words?
hey ppl i've added a lot of add-ons on mah blog.. have u checked'em out? the hangman on the left is cool.. i am sure u all must have played that hollywood/bollywood kinda game where u hav to guess a movie n every wrong letter cut off one from "HOLLYWOD".. it is same kinda game.. And i also added this cute duckie.. a fren said.. iski mundi puri ghoom jaati hai..bas aur isme cute kya hai? ( its head rotates in 360 degrees.. so what else is cute in this?) he he.. lol..
And i've got addicted.. to "bournvita".. LOL.. it has got some superchargers, with some vitamins n minerals.. but thats not y i have got addicted to it.. i think it tastes yummy with milk.. *swipe my lips with my tongue*..
and i've also found a new time-pass, to watch peacocks.. there are quite a few of them in my campus.. They r absolutely gorgeous.. by the way did u know that male peacock has those lovely feathers, but female ones dont. It is cos the mail ones show'em off to female ones to attract them for mating.. isnt that cute.. LOL.. vaise they r so cautious when they walk.. they look left-right-left before crossing a road.. even when it is empty.. They fly very li'l, with their heavy wings they cant fly at higher altitudes.. so wat they do when they wants to reach upto some higher place is , they look at their destination two or three times before taking the final plunge ( i really dont know wat they actually think wen they luk like that, maybe thinking whether to jump or not, or maybe assess the distance..) anyways, i also saw a woodpecker yday.. it kept on doing that "tak-taka-tak-tak" continuously on a tree.. i felt like saying to him that please dont be so hard on urself.. ur will break ur beak.. but no, he wont listen.. if he is so hell-bent in breaking himself then let it be.. why am i so worried...
vaise here it is this "patjhad" (fall) season going on and watching roads full of dried,yellow neem leaves feels so artistic.. like straight from a scenery.. and there r sooo many bouganvillae plants here.. with bright pink, yellow, white flowers.. they remind me so much of baunta, in delhi where i went for my early morning jogs.. anyways lot of nature gazing has happened lemme go back to my studies i have a test 2rrw.. so chao for now :)

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