Thursday 16 February 2006


last few days went away quickly.. um back at mah hostel.. have to start studying again.. no more masti now.. The trip to home was better than i expected.. i went for shopping n ended up buying almost double of wat i intended to buy, for a simple reason that there was a sale going on and that too at 50%... :) just love the end of season sale...

Then i also saw "Rang De Basanti".. awsome movie.. its effect still lingers on my mind.. and i cried too.. *sob*.. very heart touching story.. the best dialogue was, "Then i met the third kind".. it was said twice in the story but its meaning was clear only when Amir n one of his friend got shot.

And i have turned 22 today.. last nite there was lotsa halla gulla at my hostel.. i was sleeping soundly after long bus journey from home and one of my fren knocked the door to say, "chal jogging karne chale.." n i thought its morning already.. i opened the door to say um not coming n there they were.. all of my hostelmates.. singing " happy bday to uuuuu.. " and "many boyfriends to u.." lol.. i was so surprised.. all in all a gud celebration.. cutting the cake.. blowing up baloons with candles.. eating yummy kachoris..
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME... :) and check out this site.. its awsome..
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