Friday 17 February 2006


After a very nice birthday, today seems really unbelievable.. if yesterday was best of all days, today was worst of all. I slept till late so missed my breakfast.. wento class with my stomach growling like a hungry lion(btw i really dont know nething abt hungry lions or tigers or any animal for that matter.. but with an empty and growling stomach u really can, i mean u really can compare it with anything.. grrrr ). And the class was not that interesting today.. it was a sleeping pill.. inspite of waking up just 45 mins before class, i had difficulty in keeping my head straight, so listening to sir was out of question.. My second lecture was no good either.. all boring stuff.. I wonder how she (my second lecturer of the day) manage to listen to herself.. she doesnt even bother to complete her sentences.. I waited for, what seems like eternity, the bell to ring and my ordeal to end..
Now that wasnt the end of my worst day.. i came to my hostel only to find today's lunch constitute of a healthy diet with soyabean... Soyabean!!! yuck!!! even its luks were like eewww!!! i ate just one byte and left the rest.. So now i've missed breakfast and lunch too.. i thought, oh! wats the big deal, i'll go out in an hour or so..
Came back to my room and started reading an M&B.. i started crying on reading that stupid M&B.. according to which all love-stories have some share of cries.. damn!! why did i picked it up anyways!! So eventually not-feeling-that-gud i dint go out for my lunch.. i sulked and sulked more in mah room.. And i think i forgot to mention my severe headache.. my eyes are hurting too.. and one of my wisdom tooth is coming out, which also aches as top it all a friend of mine called me up and instead of sympathising with me, started laughing.. wanna kick him now...

Now i've had dinner, but still feeling a little bad.. no actually angry!!or mabe both.. life is not fair.. nothing is fair.. everything is bad.. bad bad aches.. bad bad hunger.. bad bad everything..

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